Use Andy and Mayo as fuel for the fire!

I was in Amsterdam when I read the report of last Sunday’s FBD League clash between Roscommon and those loveable rogues from down the road. I nearly spat my litre of beer out when I read what Andy Moran had done. I was shocked and deeply offended.

  How dare he! That man has been allowed to live in relative peace in Roscommon and some Rossies have even consoled him as Mayo have fallen short in their quest for Sam Maguire. He should be more grateful and learn to accept victory as graciously as he accepted defeat to Dublin back in September!

  Seriously though we could all just curse him under our breath and accept that the bould Andy was just responding in style to the Rossies who had probably enjoyed and will continue to enjoy giving him stick!

  It was some impact from the bench and a timely reminder of just what he’s capable of ahead of the National Football League campaign.

  Of course his celebration was a bit much considering the circumstances, especially seeing as though Roscommon and not Mayo advanced to the FBD League Final. But does it really matter? Isn’t it part of the excitement of a local rivalry and wouldn’t the game be a little flat without it?

  The majority of Roscommon fans are usually gracious whatever the result and I’m sure there was a grudging admiration for the way the Ballaghaderreen man seized his opportunity.

  On the other hand, Karma is a wonderful force and if Kevin McStay can create the right kind of group mentality this spring then maybe, just maybe Moran will live to rue the day he went milking it in Kiltoom. Most Roscommon fans would agree he’s overdue for a bit of Rossie inflicted heartbreak and there will be opportunities this summer to balance the books!

  For now though let’s just grin and bear it and take the frustration out on Galway and Tyrone in the next couple of weeks.