Uriage – feel the difference when it comes to skincare

Uriage skincare consultant, Brigid, will be at Rosmed Pharmacy this Friday (29th) from 11 am to 1 pm.


Keratosane 30 is for severe localized hyperkeratosis, calluses on the heels, hyperkertoses on the palms and soles of the feet, localized thickening of the skin, elbows, knees and scalp. It is a high performing product and contains 30% Urea, the optimal concentration. Eucerin’s Urea content is up to 10%. A non-greasy rich gel cream, which is fragrance free and hydrosoluble with excellent absorption. Can be applied morning and evenings.


A barrier cream must:

• Efficiently protect and remain non-greasy

• Be invisible

• Preserve dexterity

• Present sufficient substance for satisfactory persistence.

• Texture should enable easy spreading over the skin surface.

            All of these specific features were researched with special knowledge to optimally combine the different active ingredients. The originality of Bariéderm Crème is based on an innovation, an association of non-occlusive polymers, Poly-2p and on the galenic expertise of Laboratoires Dermatologiques d’Uriage. Presently there is no competition to this line of products in Ireland. 


It is a patented innovation combining 2 active ingredients: phosphorylcholine and pyrrolidone polymers with insulating and repairing actions on the stratum corneum, cement and skin surface.

Bariederm Crème.

Hands, face and body. A barrier and reconstructive cream for irritations, frictions and chemical agents and detergents. Suitable for adults and children.

Bariederm Levres.

Lip balm that insulates, repairs and soothes and treats cheilitis. Suitable for adults and children

Bariederm Fissures and Cracks

Feet, hands, knees, nose and nipples, to be used in hospitals in Ireland for patients having treatment for cancer where the side effects of the drugs cause very bad fissures and cracks but also used every day for heels, hands, knees, nose and nipples during breastfeeding. 


 The main active ingredient in Uriage is Uriage Thermale Water and the majority of the products have a minimum of 30% UTW. Uriage is a town in France close to Grenoble.

  UTW has 7 properties compared to other thermal waters in the Irish market which only have one.

• Isotonic, hydrating & soothing, anti-free radical

• Anti-inflammatory

• Healing

• Filmogenic

• Reinforces the cutaneous barrier