‘Urgent action needed to resolve flooding’ in Tulsk/Castleplunkett area

Cllr. Liam Callaghan said he visited a flooded area in the Tulsk/Castlepunkett recently – with a local resident – and was informed that the turlough in question has led to up to twenty farmers having parts of their farms flooded all summer, with roads in the region flooded up until June.

  Cllr. Callaghan said no solution has been found as to why other turloughs in the area have dried back, while this particular one is remaining excessively high.

  Local residents now feel that if the current weather trends continue, not only will their lands be cut off to flooding, but so too will road access. Cllr.  Callaghan said there is great local knowledge about flooding in this region and he will be making efforts to get Minister Sean Canney to send in officials along with the Co. Council to help resolve these issues both in the short and long term.

  “It is fair to say that Castleplunkett, Brackloon, Bushfield and Ballaghba have seen the worst flooding and it appears that no solutions are in place as we approach another winter and this is very frustrating for local residents and businesses” concluded Cllr. Callaghan.