UK company planning solar farm for Castlerea

A UK energy company is to seek permission to develop a solar farm in Castlerea, according to a planning notice that was published this week.

  It states that Elgin Energy, which has offices in Bristol and Dublin, intends to apply for permission to develop the farm at Rathleg, Castlerea.

  The development would include a solar farm with photovoltaic panels on ground-mounted frames, an ESB terminal station and various other electrical outlets, along with mounted CCTV cameras.

  According to its website, Elgin Energy describes itself as “a leader in the field of solar PV energy installation in the UK and Ireland”.

  Solar farms, which create electricity from sunlight, are seen by many people as a more desirable form of generating electricity than wind farms.

  However, it is understood that the application for a solar farm has created unrest among some locals.