Trump: An idiot abroad?


Much comment has been made of French President Emmanuel and First Lady Brigitte Macron’s relationship, mainly due to the large age difference between the pair. Personally, I believe it’s nobody’s business that Mrs. Macron is significantly older than her husband!   

  However, in the world of an ill-mannered individual whose labelled some women as dogs, pigs and slobs, where wives are seen as pretty young things, nay, arm candy, Donald Trump’s remarks regarding Mrs. Macron’s looks were not just patronising and downright insulting. They were also perfectly in keeping with what we’ve come to expect from this lumbering oaf, whose diplomatic skills I couldn’t locate even if I had NASA’s sophisticated electron microscope!

  How Melania copes being manacled to this revolting individual, who’d hit on the Pope if He drove a better car (no disrespect to the Holy Father), is anyone’s guess, but cope she does; and we must give her credit for having a strong stomach! Perhaps she loves him! Or perhaps she just craves designer shoes and handbags!

  Me too; but girls, given the choice of marriage to Trump and copious financial fringe benefits, or jumping into a lion’s den with a pork chop tied around my neck, I’d say marinate me in apple sauce, stick a rosette on my ass and lower me in lads!

  Look I’m not criticising Melania, I’m not…no woman —-– including this gorgeous, intelligent one with oodles of potential -– wants to be treated like an ornament, so perhaps the marriage is a kind of business arrangement. She’s got the looks and the Tiffany bracelet; he’s got the money and the mansion. However, wouldn’t it be great if Trump had some manners too, and refrained from looking another woman up and down, evaluating her in a highly objective and sexist manner, then making salacious and titillating comments about her in front of the world and the mother of his youngest child, as was the case where he so publicly dehumanised Madame Macron last week!

  I mean, how uncomfortable must it have been for Melania when her meal ticket, sorry husband, clasped Brigitte’s hand and with a twinkle in his eye we haven’t seen since Hilary’s emails were hacked, exclaimed “You’re in such good shape,” and then, practically high-fiving her bewildered husband, turned to him and repeated…“she’s in such good physical shape.” Well I’m certain that’s what Trump said readers, I mean his penis was shouting so loud at the sight of a captivating female in a short(ish) dress, I couldn’t quite hear his voice! 

  Look, maybe it was just a clumsy compliment, maybe I’m over-reacting, I mean at least the sleazebag didn’t revert to form and disgracefully grab the poor woman by her lady parts as he’s admitted he’s so fond of doing.  

Paschal’s pandora’s box

You’ve gotta love Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe, the man who never uses one sentence to confuse us when he can flower it out with a load of bulls**t.

  Of course I’m referring to his pledge to spend a portion of the money we don’t have, on crap we don’t need, like Metro North! Anything else in that box, Pandora? I don’t know about you folks, but I’m texting Hell to ask about the Devil’s exchange programme!

We know you’re upset Paul, but let it go!

Issues surrounding the Jobstown trial continue to rumble, with TD Paul Murphy reportedly accusing Taoiseach Leo Varadkar of ‘defaming’ him when the latter accused the former of ‘thuggery’ during a Dáil debate last week relating to the protest.

  I feel Mr. Murphy is milking great mileage out of this trial, in which he and his co-accused were acquitted.  

  Now, I don’t support Joanie or Paul, nor do I condone violence, but I’m glad all accused in this case were acquitted because we have a right to protest peacefully, yada, yada, yada… However, as I understand, under Dáil privilege, comments can be made (and reported providing they’re accurate accounts of what was said in the House chambers) and protection is afforded to TDs (as enshrined in the Constitution) whereby they may speak freely and have an open debate, which is what Leo was doing. So I really cannot see where Mr. Murphy is going with this claim.

  And speaking of ‘claims,’ why did Anti Austerity Alliance TD Murphy, who’s entitled to an annual wage of €87,258 before tax, claim legal aid for the trial? Okay, he says he takes a ‘young worker’s wage’ of €1,800 a month after tax, but according to the Sunday World, he also ‘claimed €80 a day Dáil expenses every day during the trial’ and I find this an absolute disgraceful use of taxpayers’ money and feel he has a brass neck!  

  What also irks me is that Murphy continues to refer to three individuals whom he claims…there’s that word ‘claims’ again… committed ‘co-ordinated perjury’ during his trial, and these individuals, although not directly named but rather alluded to, haven’t been given their own right to reply.

  Now, again, I’m not taking anyone’s side, but in my view that’s grossly unfair and I want to ask if Mr. Murphy sees his own comment regarding a possible Garda conspiracy against him as an  abuse of his own personal Dáil privilege?