Trendy styles for summer at Indigo

Europe’s trendiest styles are on their way to Roscommon, thanks to local young entrepreneur, Siobhán Somers. Lipstick pink, lime green and other extravagant colours will be top style colours this summer, according to the new boutique owner.             23-year-old Siobhán has recently established a new boutique Indigo at Chapel Lane, just off Main Street in Roscommon. The shop aims to cater for women aged 18 – 35, with lots of emphasis on trendy clothes for bigger sizes.             Although she may be in her early 20s, Siobhán is no stranger to the fashion business, as her mother Josephine owns Wide Variety in Harrison Centre and it was there that Siobhán learned her trade. ‘My mother owns Wide Variety and I was working with her for the last year and a half. We had loads of girls in looking for young trendy clothes in bigger sizes. It’s something that’s needed in the town. I went away buying with my mother and we found a couple of good labels and said ‘here we go’.’             ‘We stock jeans, casual stuff, and lots of shirts and sweatshirts. There are lots of gypsy-style tops at the moment and we have a small bit of dressy wear and bodices. We mainly cater for an age range of 20 – 35, but have lots to suit peolple outside that range.             ‘We will have workwear for the winter season and the styles for winter are lovely. The style for the winter is much more smart, so there’s lots of jackets that can be teamed up with trousers.’             One of the most popular brands in Indigo is German brand ‘Veto’. ‘They have a very nice range, from size 12 to 26. That would be most of the gypsy tops, combats, jeans, sweatshirts and tops.’ Jensen is another brand from the same company, another label that’s proving very popular. Another German brand stocked at Indigo is ‘B2’. ‘They have lots of knitwear for the summer, jumpers, nice smart casual trousers and little t-shirts and polo shirts.’             ‘Simple Wish’ is a Danish brand which is to be found in Indigo, while many local shoppers will already by familiar with Byoung. ‘They will have a lot of dressier stuff in the winter, strap tops and smart coat jackets. There’s really nice stretch jeans there from them as well.’             ‘Head over Heels’ is a brand that stocks sizes from 16 to 26 and the range includes tops, linen skirts and jackets, all of which are available in Siobhan’s store.             Siobhán has attended trade shows in Birmingham and Dusseldorf in an effort to bring the trendiest summer styles to the Chapel Lane store. ‘The Germans do really nice stuff for the bigger sizes. The shows in Dusseldorf and Birmingham would be my main ones, along with the Futura show in Dublin.’             What’s hot for the summer? ‘There are a lot of three-quarter length jeans and trousers around for the summer. At the moment, we have casual black and charcoal grey jeans and a really nice gray colour. For summer tops, watch out for psychedelic colours, greens, pinks and oranges. Brown is also popular, but it’s not the chocolate brown, it’s a more muted shade. Navy is also huge and the nautical theme will be very much in evidence this summer.’             Asked about her plans for the future, Siobhán said, ‘I want to put my energy into Indigo but in time I’d like to expand and open more shops, but that’s in the long term. In the mean time I would like to concentrate on getting this business up and running and get new labels.’             Concluding, Siobhán thanked everyone who helped her establish the new business. ‘I would like to thank my mother for all the help she has given me in recent months. Without her encouragement I wouldn’t be here. I also want to thank my aunt Kathleen, she owns Wide Variety in Ballina for the past 15 years, so she has a lot of experience and gave me a lot of good advice.’             Indigo is open from 10 am to 6 pm Monday to Thursday and from 10 am to 6.30 pm on Friday and Saturday. The shop is closed on St. Patrick’s Day but will be open on Bank Holiday Monday.