Treat yourself to a body treatment

Spring is in the air and the time has come to treat yourself to one of the top-of the-range body treatments available at Anne Kelly’s hair and beauty salon at Goff Street in Roscommon. These days life is lived at a hectic pace, so it’s extra important to take time out to look after your skin properly and where better to take advantage of top full body and facial treatments than at Anne Kelly’s in Goff Street. There was a time, many years ago, when a facial was something that you had coming up to your wedding, but now women recognise that it’s something that’s necessary to keep your skin in top shape, looking vibrant and healthy and reducing the effects of stress and pollution on your skin. At Anne Kelly’s, everything is available under one roof, hairdressing, make-up, facials and a range of relaxing body treatments. ‘People do need to look after themselves and in particular to look after their skin. Times have changed. People now like to keep their legs waxed all year long. There was a time when people just got a facial before their wedding, but now, people are taking more care of their appearance and realise the benefits of treating themselves to a body treatment which rejuvenates the skin and detoxifies the body.’ Anne and the expert staff at the salon can help with slimming regimes, through a range of herbal products, some of which also target the hard-to-erase cellulite. One body treatment which is particularly good for getting rid of cellulite is the Frigi Thalgo Body Wrap. It takes just one hour, but is an intensive anti-cellulite treatment which encourages the elimination of toxins and excess fluid. It’s highly effective in the treatment of tired, heavy legs. For maximum results, a course of three treatments is recommended, but talk to Anne about your requirements. If it’s relaxation that you’re after, then you just have to opt for the Marine Prelude body treatment from Thalgo. It’s the ultimate in body exfoliation and offers all the benefits of both relaxation and remineralisation. It’s the ideal pre-holiday package, being the perfect precursor to self-tanning or a salon tanning treatment. It takes one hour and if Martina’s experience is anything to go by, then it’s well worth the effort. Apart from the extra-special facials and body treatments, the salon also offers regular salon treatments such as manicures, pedicures, ear piercing, make up (using Artdeco) and eye brow tints. People wishing to get tints should note that Anne always insists on a 24-hour patch test to ensure that customers are suitable for the tinting process and there’s no adverse reaction. It’s best practice and something which all top salons insist upon. Vouchers are also available and they’re a great idea for the mother/sister/aunt or wife’s birthday. A dietician is also in attendance at the salon two days each week to help with slimming advice.  Treatment of thread veins, acne and psoriasis is available through Light Heat Energy (LHE), which is also terrific for skin rejuvenation. LHE is the very latest technology in the removal of unwanted hair, and is particularly good for removing hair from the upper lip and chin area. Talk to Anne about this treatment. In the two years since the salon opened, Anne has seen huge benefits from this treatment and believes that lots more customers could benefit from this fast, safe and very effective treatment.  If you have any queries about the treatment, talk to Anne. She is fully qualified in skincare, having CIBTAC qualifications, as well as the necessary LHE qualifications and she can advise on the best treatments for each individual.  Many customers enjoy the experience at Anne Kelly’s because with the hairdressing and beauty salon under the one roof, it’s convenient and privacy is always assured.  In terms of facials, there’s something there for every age and skin type. One of the most popular facials is the oxygenating facial, perfect for regenerating skin suffering from pollution or stress. The 30-minute Purity Ritual Facial is perfect for younger skin, while the Hydra-Moisture Source Facial is more suitable for those seeking a deep-cleansing facial. It leaves the skin firm and ready to make the most of the available moisturising creams. The Absolute Rehydration Facial is a luxury affair. It features native marine collagen which limits water loss and boosts the skin’s natural barrier. It’s ideal for mature skin and helps alleviate fine lines and wrinkles. Another top-of-the-range facial is the Thalgogive Perfect Contour Firming Facial. Afterwards, facial contours are fuller and plumper and it eliminates fatty acids in the skin, helping the features to become more defined.  For the bride-to-be, there’s a range of wedding packages available. Anne recommends a facial, body polish, eyebrow shape, manicure and pedicure to have the bride looking her very best on the day. A body wrap completes the relaxation end of the package, helping de-stress the bride to be and ensure an enjoyable experience.  One of the top body treatments available is the Aromaccane. It is a remineralising full body treatment incorporating essential oils specifically chosen for their curative properties, slimming, relaxation, detox or energy. ‘To get a body treatment is luxurious and it does give you the benefits. It might be one to one and a half days before you see the benefit and you need to drink lots of water to flush out the toxins afterwards, but that often shows that people are completely toxed up.’ A range of top cleansers, toners and moisturisers is available and Anne is always available to give advice on the best products to use. These are spa-quality products and customers appreciate the fact that they’re easy on the pocket, but extremely effective, especially for delicate sensitive skin. The salon uses Thalgo products. Thalgo is the world leader in terms of marine cosmetics and ensures that customers benefits from the rich sea minerals which are designed especially to boost the skin’s performance and keep you looking healthy and beautiful! To avail of these cutting-edge body treatments and top facials, give Anne Kelly a ring on (090) 66 25617. The salon, An Póigín Gréine, is located above Anne Kelly’s Hair Salon at Goff Street, Roscommon.