Treasurer thanks sponsors

Tim Fox is the treasurer of the Roscommon Ploughing Association. He told last week’s launch that although the ploughing championships in Roscommon are now one of the biggest such events in the country it is very expensive to run.   ‘It costs between 30 and 40 thouand euro to run the championships every year so it is a hard job going around with the begging bowl collecting money every year but I have to say we have mighty sponsors that come up trumps year after year’ he said.   ‘We take in about 50% of our income on the gate, so we have a big shortfall –  and that’s where the sponsors step in. I am delighted to say that we have two local companies that are our main backers this year.    ‘The Hodson Bay Hotel are the first hotel group ever to sponsor a plouging championships anywhere in Ireland and we have also 1 Base 4 Building – Joe McCarthy and Shane Curran – who have come in to help us this year and we are very grateful to them. I certainly hope that they receive a benefit from their sponsorship and I am appealing to people to support them as much as they can’ he said.