Traffic woes in East Galway

Tuam-based Fine Gael Councillor and general election candidate Cllr. Tom Mc Hugh has this week said that the towns of East Galway are ‘clogged’ morning and evening with cars taking children to and from school and that this situation could be easily avoided by an extension of the existing school transport system to accommodate all students.     The Tuam-based candidate explained that students in Galway City can avail of a school bus service as can students in other larger towns and cities and be taken directly to their schools.  Cllr. McHugh makes the point that the current school transport system is such that every student in county towns and rural areas  attending school must live in excess of three miles from the school they attend to enable them to avail of school transport.     He says that this system is bizarre in the extreme and should be changed with immediate effect to allow school children living in these areas be afforded comparative school transport to that of their city counterparts.    He adds that as the situation is at present it is the responsibility of the parents of children within the three-mile limit to ensure that they get to and from school and he says that this means parents have no choice other than to transport their children to and from their place of school. This quite often leads to children being dropped off early at their school premises in all weathers by parents trying to beat the daily traffic gridlock on their way to work.   Cllr. McHugh said on his general election canvass during the week, in areas of North County Galway the situation was highlighted to him on many occasions. He says that many angry parents who complained said the school bus passes their home and sometimes pass their children walking to school, but they are not afforded a chance to avail of the service. These parents are annoyed and point out that they should be afforded the same facility as the city parents.     Cllr. McHugh also pointed out that if all the child carrying cars were removed from our towns and villages and other busy areas where schools are located it would dramatically alleviate the already huge traffic congestion experienced morning and evening and in so doing could help reduce fuel emissions.