Top budget tips for your wedding day

Weddings can be extraordinarily costly events. However, the trend nowadays is away from the mammoth gatherings, to a more friendly and informal affair which doesn’t cost the earth. Here are 10 tips to help you have a wonderful day while ensuring that you won’t be left with a bank balance that causes the first blot on the landscape of marital bliss. 1 Work out what is most important to you and compromise on the less important things. 2 If you are thinking about having your wedding during school or bank holidays, check if the venue will charge more for staff or accommodation. Brides tend to get upset about the minutiae but try to keep it in perspective. Remember what is essential to one person is not to another. Don’t feel you have to have things like floral centrepieces and favours. 3 Have a longer engagement to give you time to save up. 4 Book as many of your suppliers as you can, as far in advance as you can. This will ensure you have the very best choice possible, and you will generally be offered ‘this year’s’ prices as opposed to next year’s. 5 Consider a Friday, Sunday or an out of season wedding. This can knock thousands off your venue hire rates