‘Tis the season to be jolly…not perfect!


It’s days before Christmas and, highly-organised festive fairy that I am, despite the fact I’ve been plotting, planning, decorating, shopping, wrapping, making lists, checking them multiple times, fretting if my gang will all fit comfortably around the table (or if I’ll need to break out the uneven emergency chairs), since October, I’m still not fully ready for ‘the most wonderful time of the year.’ And why? Because I’m an obsessive, compulsive, control freak who probably needs to undergo a psychiatric evaluation…that’s why!!!

  You see, if hubby, who is so laid-back I often feel the need to check his pulse, would spend just a few minutes a day worrying (instead of rummaging through the selection boxes searching for Crunchies) I might, (only might, no guarantees) take his advice and “relax” a little bit.

  However, as I neurotically check the presses for my stock of the good bedclothes, the fancy Christmas towels and the posh soap, hubby’s only concern is whether or not I’ve ordered a large enough ham! I’ve ordered two, one for him ‘to pick at’ on Christmas Eve and one for the big day…as well as planning to prepare other carnivorous festive meats and treats, which is considered ‘highly unusual’, given I’m vegan. But hey, I believe people should be allowed to eat what they want, and I’m okay cooking for them so long as I can source the products from an organic supplier. You see, when I host an event, I send out an email asking everyone what they’d like to eat and I happily prepare their requests, meaning I’m running around like a blue-ar*ed fly trying to cater to their whims as well as sourcing ingredients for my own vegan nut loaf…nut being a noun often associated with my animal-lovin’ self! The guilty know who they are!

  And so, in order to try and prevent losing the plot, (‘cos if I do who’ll cook dinner?) I’m going to take advice from my good friend Lyn, who messaged me saying ‘remember your psychology training; sit back, take a deep breath….’ Mind you, she added…’Accept you’re a control freak.’ Cheers pal. Then directed…‘You can’t change everything but you can control your own stress. Lecture over.’

  With Lyn’s guidance in mind, I’m offering some of my own advice to readers who may, like me, be occupying the driver’s seat on the runaway Stress Express; and, as I click ‘snooze’ on my ‘phone diary’s daily reminders of my impending work deadlines, my dad’s hospital appointments, my granddaughter’s nativity play, my dogs’ annual boosters and, most importantly, my bikini wax appointment, I’m gonna tell you all to sit up, listen up and remember this…stop the madness; it’s ruining Christmas – not just for you – but for everyone around you!

  Instead, try to chill out and acknowledge your strengths, celebrate your achievements and realise that nothing, no matter how much effort you put into it, is ever going to be perfect. Oh, and while you’re shopping for everyone else, as this is a time for giving, don’t forget to give yourself a little treat.

Personally, I’m going to buy myself a nice bottle of Lancôme La Nuit perfume because, despite the fact I’ve left plenty of clues and dropped hundreds of hints …not one miserable fecker will pick up on them and get it for me!

Why I love RosMas!

Last Friday evening I did some shopping in Roscommon town. And, as I went about my business, I found myself singing along to the sound of Christmas favourites being gently streamed through a series of speakers dotted about the bustling streets.

  As I admired the imaginative and tastefully hung fairy lights creatively displayed around the shopfronts, I felt myself beginning to unclench and, deciding to have a bit of ‘me’ time…(yep, to hell with those dirty, snow-stained windows, I’d wash them later), dropped into one of the town’s fine restaurants for a well-earned coffee. While I was there, I struck up a warm conversation with two delightful ladies; regular readers called Helen and Eimear, who told me they came from Four Mile House. And, as we enjoyed our respective lunches, we chatted about life in the county and the gorgeous Helen, who oozed movie star glamour and old school charm, confessed to having a long-time love for all things Chanel.

  You see, readers, this is one of the benefits of living in this county…you get to exchange chit-chat with complete strangers, in this case two friendly women sitting at the next table, whom, along with myself, agreed that had we met under different circumstances, perhaps in a big city, we may not have given ourselves permission to be so free with sharing our life experiences. In fact, we may, in another environment, have been slightly suspicious of each other and instead, closed ourselves off, missing the banter and the interaction that only comes when three random women, united in understanding how difficult it can be for us to go Christmas shopping, what with the amount of

presents we’ve got to buy and party

frocks we’ve got to try, sure it was a wonder we’d time to gossip. Ah ya gotta love RosMas!

  Feicfidh tú an bhliain seo chugainn.  Nollaig Shona!