Tired of the same old clothes?

Are you tired of the same old clothes? Is your wardrobe full to capacity and yet you have nothing to wear? If so, you need to get in contact with style coach Mary Dolan. Mary, from Carrowreagh, Taughmaconnell is a qualified style coach and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) practitioner. She works as a one-to-one style coach and delivers popular one-night courses locally. Apart from her style coaching expertise, Mary incorporates NLP techniques into her style coaching sessions, helping people to lose weight while working on their overall image and self-esteem. Samantha’s experience ‘I was spending lots of money on wrong purchases and never had anything to wear. Black for me was the safer option as I felt it was slimming and I didn’t know what colours suited me anyway, so I played safe. ‘As you can see, Mary changed all that for me. She analysed my body shape and did my colour analysis and took me shopping. We bought several beautiful outfits as well as what you see in the pictures. ‘She then came with me to the hairdressers and beauticians and suggested a complete change for my hair and make up. My make up resulted in a member of my family not recognising me, and that’s as good as it gets.  ‘Go on, treat yourself to the best day of your life – because you’re worth it.’ Style coaching night Mary Dolan will host a style coaching night in the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon on September 11th next. During the course, Mary will deal with topics such as motivation and delegation techniques, wardrobe de-cluttering and body analysis. The course costs €50 per person. Early booking is advisable as the courses are proving very popular and a maximum of ten people take part in each course. One-to-one style makeovers, such as that experienced by Samantha, which took six hours, including shopping, hair and make up, or further information contact Mary Dolan, Style Coach on (087) 2598804.