Tired of the same old clothes?

Style Coaching is not just about fashion, but how the client sees themselves and this is why it is so important for the Style Coach to work with a client initially before the personal shopping takes place. Style Coach, Mary Dolan consults will clients for one hour prior to the shopping trip. Issues during consultation include weight management, motivation techniques, delegation techniques, body and colour analysis. Once a client is taught ‘the rules’ they will be able to shop for themselves. It is important that you go to shops that cater for your age group and size, so that you won’t go home saying ‘I couldn’t find anything’.  ‘The spring colours are in at the moment and are very uplifting, but people are afraid to try them as they are not sure if they are right for them,’ explains Mary. ‘People are afraid to try them as they are not sure if they are right for them and sometimes the reason for this is they’ve got their hair coloured in the wrong colour and its very confusing.  ‘In recent times, boutiques have taken on board that. We are not all size 8 and shops are now stocking the larger sizes which are still fashionable. This is a huge benefit. Just because somebody takes a larger size, doesn’t’ mean they want to dress older than their age. Long may it last!, says Mary.