Tired (but happy) after TV thrills!

My friend, you look tired!

I AM TIRED! I feel like I’ve run a marathon!

Brilliant! You’ve finally started those morning runs you’ve been prattling on about!



We never use the word ‘prattling’ – not in this column!

Oh I’m pretty sure we must have used it in the early days, at least in connection with the pub bore…or Boris Johnson…


So, it’s mid-morning, you’re tired…you’ve obviously finally hit the ground running! I’m impressed! THE NEW YOU!

I AM tired, but I haven’t started on those New Year resolutions yet!

NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS! What a prattler!


(They pause to briefly browse at the Christmas cards that have appeared in at least one local shop, before continuing their walk…)


Why the weary look then?

Oh I just watched so much TV all weekend, live stuff, then recorded stuff…into the early hours!

Me too…

It got off to an amazing start. When I saw those stars strutting on the stage, I was so proud to be Irish!

I know…

My kid reveres ‘BA’, as he calls him! He’s just awesome! ‘BA! BA! BA!’ my kid chants!

Yeah, Bundee Aki is playing great…

Bundee Aki? I meant Baz Ashmawy…on the Late Late Show!


That was some start to the TV weekend! Made me proud to be Irish! Jimmy Nesbitt, Baz, and Vogue Williams! Stars strutting the stage!

It must have been lovely to see Vogue on the Late Late…AGAIN!


(They pause to try and get ‘Zombie’ to stop playing in their heads)


So…can we get on to the rugby?

Yeah, Ireland were brilliant against South Africa!

I thought that small blonde guy was gonna beat us on his own!

Faf de Klerk!

No need for that type of language…

That’s his name, Faf!

Well, he’s some player!

Yeah, but we had our heroes too! Johnny, Mack, Bundee…

Ah yes, good old Bundee!

AND we had the 16th man, and woman – the amazing Irish support in the stadium!

Incredible! And what a rendition of ‘Zombie’!

Did the angry brigade on Twitter pick up on that?

I think a few might have!


(They pause to check Twitter/X, before returning to the real world)


So, good TV!

Yeah, the golf was great too…Leona Maguire starred again for Europe!


And Marty Morrissey has a new show!

Unbelievable! How does that man do it? He has some stamina…

Our Marty reminds me of the Swedish pop legends…


He’s an…ABBA!


A Broadcasting Bundee Aki!