Time-Out with…Cáitlín McConn, President of Roscommon Chamber



What’s your idea of the perfect night in?

Cooking dinner at home with my boyfriend – usually he cooks dinner! Really nice simple dinner, couple of glasses of wine then fire lit and maybe a movie.

And ideal night out?

Usually meeting up with friends and going for food, somewhere kind of quiet – so something like the front bar in JJ’s! Yeah, sit down and have a nice chat.

Ideal weekend away in Ireland?

In Ireland it would have to be Galway because I used to live there and I haven’t been there hardly at all lately. I love it because it’s like a large town rather than a city.

What about a holiday abroad?

Antarctica is the one place that’s on my list. I was in South America about ten years ago and we were down the very south in Patagonia and myself and my friend made a pact that we’d go to Antarctica. I’d love to go back to Buenos Aires as well, it’s an amazing city.

Best movie/TV series you’ve seen recently?

On Netflix, Hunt for the Wilderpeople was amazing! I love First Dates Ireland too on TV.

Best album you’ve listened to recently?

Kamasi Washington’s album. He’s an American saxophonist and we’re going over to see him at the jazz festival in Lyon in May.

What do you do to relax?

I like beautiful, long walks in the likes of Moate Park or Sliabh Bán. I like hanging out with my nephews, my family and of course my boyfriend. I just like spending time at home when I can and doing very little.

Your favourite place in Co. Roscommon?

Apart from JJ Harlow’s, my parents’ house and my own house, probably Rathcroghan. We did the tour down there during the summer and it was amazing.

*In conversation with Dan Dooner