Time Out: Emma Jane Browne Mullally, owner of The Village Grill in Knockcroghery




What’s your idea of the perfect night in?

The perfect night in would include a great meal from The Village Grill and just watching The Late Late Show! (Laughs).


And the ideal night out?

A nice dinner somewhere with the husband. Maybe at Grogan’s in Glasson, I love it there! It’s where we got engaged.


Ideal weekend away in Ireland?

I love Killarney. The Killashee Hotel in Co. Kildare is lovely too so I’ll choose that for a relaxing weekend away.


What about a holiday abroad?

It would definitely be The Algarve in Portugal – Castro Marim, we got married there so that’s where we’d love to go back to. It’s a beautiful place and the weather is a little warmer than it is here in Knockcroghery!


Best movie/TV/Netflix series you’ve seen recently?

I just love documentaries – the weirder the better! I love Louis Theroux and all that kind of stuff. ‘13 Reasons Why’ on Netflix was really good too. As for movies, probably something like ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’.


What do you do to relax?

Just chill out at home. I work most of the week so when I finish up here at ten o’clock, it’s home to have a shower and put the feet up by

the fire.


What’s your favourite place in Co. Roscommon?

Apart from Knockcroghery, I’d have to go with JJ Harlow’s in Roscommon town. There’s a lovely atmosphere, the owners are lovely, good selection of craft beers and good gin!