Threen NS pupils create new school murals!

Students at Threen National School have been busy in recent months, working with local artist, Emily Cuddy, as part of the ‘Artist in School Programme’, to create new murals and paintings for the school.

Working safely within the Covid-19 guidelines, the children were involved in all stages of the process, from brainstorming ideas to the painting of murals. The process started with a poster competition, where students submitted some brilliant ideas.

As with all creative experiences, learning of different types took place and the children gained numerous skills and had valuable discussions about what might work in our space.

  The aim was to create a child-friendly space that was bright and cheerful. The design of the outdoor mural was created so all students could be involved in the painting, and the vertical stripes created a fantastic multi-coloured backdrop for the children’s games. In addition to enhancing the outdoor space in the playground, the corridor in the school was given a new lease of life with two indoor murals.

The different elements that the children consider important to school life are represented in the images painted on the wall. Elements such as the school’s Catholic ethos, inclusivity, the community, learning, sport, music and drama are included in the murals. The school garden, which plays a huge part in our school, is also represented.

All the children have been able to include their handprints on one wall too. This idea was important to the children as it is a recognition of us working as school community and the importance that teamwork plays in all our lives.  The handprints also signify that each student is unique, and have different talents and skills, but together create a successful school community.

  Participating in the programme has benefitted all children as well as the school community. Emily Cuddy ensured that the project ran smoothly throughout and staff are delighted with the enhanced school environment.

In addition to the wall murals, the children have worked on adding some fun elements to the fairy garden area in the school garden. They have placed ‘Wellbeing Posters’ as a reminder of the work they put in to achieving the school’s Amber Flag, which represents the work undertaken to support a healthy, inclusive environment to support the mental health and wellbeing of all members of the school community.