Three Kitt TDs attend school history launch in Kilosolan

‘Memories of our school days’ – 144 lyrical pages that celebrate 167 years of education at Kilosolan in North Galway – was launched by the Bishop of Elphin, Dr. Christopher Jones, last Sunday evening at Kilosolan NS. The book was written to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the construction of the current Kilosolan National School. Government Chief Whip Tom Kitt TD was present at the launch together with his brother Michael P. Kitt TD and their sister Áine Brady TD. Their father, Michael F. Kitt TD, was principal of Kilosolan NS when the new school was built in 1956. The three TDs are past-pupils of the school. Mass celebrated by Dr. Jones preceded the launch of the book. Bishop Jones lauded ‘Memories of our school days’ and praised those involved in its publication. He spoke too of the importance of Kilosolan NS as an educational institution and he reflected on the high quality of the book. Mass was concelebrated by Abbot Kevin Daly, Roscrea, and by Msgr. Kevin Neilan, Msgr. Emmett Nevin, Fr. Seán Cunningham and Fr. Micheál Donnelly. Abbot Daly is a member of the Beirne-Daly family, members of which taught at the school from its inception in the 19 th century up until the 1950s. Abbot Daly’s cousin, Dr. Joe Daly from Ballygar, is a past-pupil of Kilosolan NS. He was present at the mass. The principal of Kilosolan NS, Ms. Gabrielle Madden, outlined the history of Kilosolan NS. She spoke about the importance of the small rural primary schools in Ireland. ‘Together with the churches the national schools are the main focuses of rural communities,’ said Ms. Madden. She paid tribute to all those who had taught at the school in the past, to the parents whose support maintains the school, and to the Bishops whose patronage has sustained the school since the 19 th century. Past-pupils were also thanked for their support. Ms. Madden is a niece of the late Seán Lohan NT, Four Roads, and is a cousin of Roscommon town businessmen Damien Lohan and Stephen Lohan. She, Ms. Gabrielle Boner, and Ms. Angela Kenny are the three teachers at the school. Fr. Seán Cunningham, Dolores Wall, Micheál Kitt TD, and Pat Lawlor addressed those present. Minister Tom Kitt and Dr. Joe Daly proffered the lessons at the Mass last Sunday. Both are past-pupils of the school and both are sons of past-teachers at the school. Ms. Bridie Kitt, wife of the late Michael F. Kitt TD NT, was present. ‘Memories of our school days’ was written and published by the Board of Management of Kilosolan NS and by a special editorial committee from the local area. It features numerous contributions and includes an article written by the eldest past-pupil of the school, Mrs. McLoughlin, who is 101 years old. There are also articles written by the 18 students currently on the role at Kilosolan NS.