‘This team love playing football and that will always carry a team a long way’

Jerome Stack, manager of St Brigid’s, pictured at the All-Ireland final media night held in St Brigid’s clubhouse last week. Pic: Kieran Croghan

Listowel native Jerome Stack has led St Brigid’s into this All-Ireland final in his second year in charge of the Kiltoom-based team. He says that like a lot of the games in which his side have played this year, they have mixed the good with some patchy play – and that was certainly the case in the semi-final against Castlehaven.

“Looking back it was a great win (the semi-final) but we have plenty of work to do. In most of the games we have played in this championship there were elements that we were very good at and more that we need to brush up on. But the challenge that we are facing in the final is a step up on anything we have had so far”.

Jerome says that the team have come out of the semi-final with no injuries and all involved are preparing well for the big game this Sunday. “Everyone is very well. It’s great to have no problems in that regard”.

St Brigid’s went out of the game for a while against Castlehaven before coming strong again towards the end and their manager agrees that they will not be able to afford any such slackness against Glen.

“I would say that while it looked like we were out of the game, we were still creating chances that we didn’t take. Momentum in football is so important and when you miss a few chances it takes away from that. There are plenty of things we can look at to improve, but I wouldn’t be over worried about that”.

The fact that the young St Brigid’s team have coped very well with the pressure is a big asset to them as they prepare for Sunday’s game.

“The younger players are full of energy, which is great to see. They just want to go out and play but to be fair I couldn’t ask for any more from them. The one thing I have always said with this team is that they love playing football and that will always carry a team a long way. They want to practice and train and they are always trying to improve”.

Looking at Glen, St Brigid’s’ opposition this weekend, Jerome agrees that they are the justified favourites for Sunday’s match.

“If you asked any other club in Ireland would they like to be in our position they would take the hand off you. We are delighted to be there and any game we played this year we have had to dig deep and that won’t change on Sunday. It will be a big challenge for us. They (Glen) are probably the best team that we have played this year but that won’t change anything. We will go at it hard and let’s see what happens” he concluded.