This day

I know there are days when everything is wrong. I wake up at 7.10 am because the alarm clock didn’t ring. Then, I was thinking, ‘great, I’ve already started a new day’. It’s good because I am really close to work, so I am only a few minutes late. Of course, as I get there, it’s a miracle that no-one runs over me on the road. Later, it gets worse, and worse. Everything falls from hands. I can’t understand any English and on my break, I spill my coffee all over myself. I dream about being at home and having a cup of nice, warm tea. It’s four o’clock, time to go home and realise that dream about resting, go to sleep and get up on the right side of the bed tomorrow. I leave work a little optimistic which unfortunately quickly disappears. Outside, it’s raining very heavily and my umbrella is leaking. I have water in my trousers, hands, nose and ears. OK, I am almost at home. In a few seconds I will be inside. Shopping, cigarettes, bag, where are my keys? Just my luck, my keys are at the bottom of my bag and unfortunately I don’t have a third hand. After ten minutes, I just lie on the floor with all the shopping around me. Still, in a few seconds, I will be in bed with a warm cup of tea. Water, sugar, cup, favourite book, pyjamas, warm socks, ooooh, how good it is to be at home. I open my book. All the bad feelings have evaporated. I stretch my legs and I’m reading and relaxing. I feel extremely good, with the smell of fresh tea. I feel like