Think safety first for slurry spreading season



Adrian Leddy, IFA Regional Executive, has urged farmers to take safety precautions when undertaking the spreading of slurry.

  The main hazards associated with slurry are toxic slurry gas, slurry tank and lagoon openings and the slurry spreader PTO shaft.

  “Spreading slurry is potentially one of the most hazardous activities that a farmer undertakes. The two main risks that present are drowning and gas poisoning.

  “We are urging farmers not to take unnecessary risks and follow simple steps to ensure their own safety and that of their animals,” said Mr. Leddy.

  Steps farmers should take include:


            Make sure all children and pets are kept secure

            and away from the farmyard

            Only agitate on a windy day

            Open all shed doors and shutters to allow airflow

            through the shed being agitated

            After starting agitating leave the area for

            30 minutes to allow slurry gases to dissipate

            Recover agitating points when not in use