Things we should keep post-Covid…

Dan Dooner on what to keep and what to lose!

Our appreciation for frontline staff

Whether it’s the heroic healthcare staff and carers taking care of loved ones and neighbours, those keeping the supply chain open, or retail workers working unsociable hours, let’s continue to show our appreciation post-Covid.

Offering to help

During the early months of lockdown 2020 there seemed to be a huge movement of people offering their help to others. Remember that time the HSE was inundated with applications from people, or when neighbours and sports clubs came to the aid of elderly people? That spirit is definitely something that’s worth hanging onto.

Working from home

Let’s avoid long commutes and ‘hot-desking’ and expedite the roll-out of high-speed broadband and a proper transport system to give workers a better work-life balance.

Proper hand hygiene

Anyone else worried that it took a high profile Government campaign in order to encourage people to wash their hands? Let’s hope it’s now second nature…for all our sakes’!

Table service at pubs

Sitting at the bar is great craic but table service would be welcomed by many people. This won’t be possible at every venue but hopefully it catches on wherever possible.

The freedom to be left alone!

Hey, maybe there are times when I’d prefer to stay home alone and binge-watch Cobra Kai! We shouldn’t need to use a global pandemic as our excuse for some peace and quiet.

Things better left behind…

Zoom quizzes, stag parties, hen dos etc.

Let’s be honest, a few cans with friends on Zoom was fun for the first 30 or so minutes but it quickly got tiresome. No doubt it’s a terrific way to keep in touch with family and friends abroad…but let’s leave it as a last resort when it comes to socialising.

Health experts everywhere

Whether it was a certificate of virology from Facebook University or regular media appearances from boffins such as Sam McConkey et al., Covid was the only show in town for two years.

Homemade haircuts

Barbers and hairdressers across Ireland suffered PTSD dealing with some of these efforts.

Banana bread of Instagram

Banana bread isn’t even that nice. There, I said it.

That elbow thing

You know what I’m talking about. Stop it now.