They Put the Flag a-Flyin’ – The Roscommon Volunteers 1916-1923

  They Put the Flag a-Flyin’ The Roscommon Volunteers   1916-1923    by Kathleen Hegarty Thorne Additions and Corrections to the 1 st Edition printed in 2005 At the request of the author and as a service to our many readers who own copies of THE PUT THE FLAG A-FLYIN’, we are pleased to publish in a series of installments the 1 st Edition additions and corrections which have been incorporated into the recently published 2 nd Edition. By cutting out and retaining each installment, you will have an updated version of the book. Internet users may download the additions and corrections (without the photographs) by logging onto   Page viii  Lyrics to song written for book launch in 2005 have been added. The Chapters Page 11  Paddy Moran of Crossna was arrested and taken to Richmond Barracks in Dublin, transferred to Knutsford, and ended his incarceration at Frongoch Page 22 and subsequent pages…Sean Birmingham of Strokestown should be spelled Sean Bermingham Page 32  Ned Doolan should read Ned Dowling (also pages 74, and 265). They were one and the same man Page 35 A poem by Martin P. Dockery, Vice O/ C 2nd Battalion North, has been added. It is entitled "Leaf  Impressions October 1918"  Page 46  Ballycommon, Offaly should read Ballycumber, Co. Offaly Page 53 and 374  Pat Madden did not serve with the British Army. He trained with the Volunteers in Dublin Page 59 A history of  Toby Scally’s gun has been added Page 79   The three men who carried the bomb in the attempted attack on Ballaghaderreen Barracks in February 1921 were: Pat Cassidy, Jack Downes, and Eugene Kelly. More information about that event has been added Page 90  Other participants in the Keadue Ambush include: Paddy and Michael Gaffney, and John Joe Dougherty (Doherty). Owen Cull and Barney Gannon (who were arrested after the ambush) were indeed members of the attacking party    Page 98  Richard McGough (McGoff) of the East Mayo Brigade operated the train in the attack on Ballaghaderreen Barracks in May 1921. He was not from Tua Page 101  The man referred to as "Farrell" in the Kilrooskey Fight story was actually Peter Collins Page 119  John Snee was sworn into the IRA by Sean Walsh of Bohola, Claremorris, not Sean Welsh Page 124  The two passes shown are from the Second Army Convention of 9 April 1922. Purpose of the 2nd Convention: adopt a constitution and elect an Executive to control the Army Page 132  Tom Carney was not the O/C of the East Mayo Flying Column but rather the O/C of the 5th Brigade, 3rd Western Division. He did indeed lead a Flying Column, but there were other Columns as well Page 136  The Free State soldier who was shot and disabled in the Battle of Boyle was a man named MacNabola. He was wounded by a bullet from John Snee’s gun Page 137  Frank Carty (left) Photo courtesy of Mary McGuinn and Michael Farry Photo restoration by Lew Thorne Page 138  Not only members of the West Mayo ASU but also men from the East Mayo ASU were ordered to Castlebar and from thence to Frank Carty’s Column in Sligo. A listing of the members of Bekan Company   Ballyhaunis has been added  Page 141  Joe Sheehy, who prepared the plans for the attack on Swinford Barracks in August 1922, was from Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo. He served as the Quartermaster of the East Mayo Brigade Page 141  Joseph Traynor, who was killed at the attack on Swinford Barracks, was a National soldier not an Anti-Treatyite Page 141  Peter Neary of the East Mayo Brigade was killed on 4 August at the Battle of Swinford Barracks Page 141  The name of Jim Lyons has been added to the Arigna Flying Column roster Page 144  James Groarke should read Seamus Groarke. He was the O/C of the Swinford Battalion during the Civil War Page 144  Tom Maguire was not the O/C of the Flying Column in Charlestown. Tom Carney served in that position. Maguire was his commanding officer  Page 145  Michael Larkin was indeed the Brigade chemist, but his was the 3rd Brigade in the 3rd Western Division. He was arrested with men from Ballaghaderreen (which was part of the 2nd Battalion East Mayo Brigade) Page 148  The driver of the armoured car, The Big Fella, was Thomas Ingham Page 148 Seamus Devins (left), Brigadier General from Sligo Photo courtesy of Mrs. Mary McGuinn and Michael Farry Photo restoration by Lew Thorne Page 149  The bank in Ballina was raided on 18 September, not during the last week of September Page 149  The three men who held up the Sligo traveller were named —- Colleary, Tom Ruane, and McCawley. Whether it was Alfie or Vin Colleary is unknown. All were from the Ballina Company Page 153  James Skeffington was killed in action at Sligo Town Hall on 9 December not 8 November Page 155 Tommy Neary, who was seriously wounded in the three- hour gun battle at the Corner House in Frenchpark, later died of his wounds Page 157  The word sexton referred to as the instrument of charting should read sextant     Page 160  Tom Duignan and Tom Deignan are one and the same man. Both spellings are indicated in the index Page 163  In the attack on the Boyle/Carrick-on-Shannon Road, John Merriman was the soldier wounded. He was a former member of the British Army, and when he returned to Ireland, served as the drill instructor for Lisacul Coy. As a result of those wounds received in that battle, he eventually had one leg amputated. Andrew Callaghan was the only son of a widow who lived in Greatmeadow, Boyle. His demise was a bitter loss to her Chronology Page 187  (Second column) Edward Hegarty was a member of a Flying Column operating west of the River Moy. His brother, Bartley, commanded it Page 187  (Second column) The Attack on Swinford Barracks on 4 August 1922 was a combined effort of North Roscommon men and Volunteers from East Mayo Page 188  (First column) Glenfarne is in Co. Leitrim, not Co. Sligo Page 189  (First column) Ballina Castle was burned on 3 September not 5 September Page 190 (Second column) Peter Breslin was a Volunteer from Dublin. His folks may indeed have come from the Elphin area, but he did not Page 193 (First column) The attack on Castlerea Barracks was led by Maloney and Burke (Bourke). Burke may not have commanded men in Mayo but rather Galway  Page 194  (First column)  The raid of 8 January took place at the Ballinaglera district not the Banaglara district Page 195  (First column) On 19 February, eighteen Republicans were arrested at Cluid. Only five of them were later executed (Tom Maguire was spared) Page 200  Copy of Shankhill Memorial fundraising request flyer Roscommon Volunteer Section Page 203  The Quartermaster of the 4th Battalion North, Patrick Gaffney, was from Aughabehy, Arigna Page 209  All four Battalions in the East Mayo Brigade have been added along with their commanding officers: East Mayo Brigade formed in September 1920 O/C of the Brigade  Sean Corcoran (Kiltimagh), Patrick Mullins (Mullen) 1921, Tom Carney (1921-1923) Vice O/C  Patrick Mullins (Bekan), then later Michael Moffatt (Ballaghaderreen) Adjutant: Maurice Mullins (Knock) Quartermaster: Joe Sheehy (Kiltimagh) Intelligence Officer: Willie Foley (Swinford) 1st Battalion (Swinford) O/C  James Henry (captured 14 August 1922), Pat Finn (captured 8 August 1922), Seamus Groarke            2nd Battalion (Ballaghaderreen) O/C   Liam Forde, Dominic Doherty (1918), Patrick Cassidy (1920) Vice O/C  John Morley, Seamus Mulrennan (captured 27 March 1921), Michael McDermott (of Rooskey) Adjutant:   Dan Caulfield, Joe O’Kelly Quartermaster:  Dick Gallagher IO  Joe Darcy (Ballaghaderreen) Medical Officer:   (for Anti-Treaty during Civil War) Tom Murray 3rd Battalion (Kiltimagh) O/C  Sean Corcoran, Sean Walsh (1920) Vice O/C   Paddy Grennan (Kilkelly), Martin Mooney Adjutant: Tom Sheehy Quartermaster:  Vincent Fraine 4th Battalion (Ballyhaunis) O/C   John Morrissey Greally (Aughamore) Vice O/C   Dom Byrne (Derrymore) Adjutant: Austin Kenny (Bekan) Quartermaster: Pat McNieve (Bekan) Page 210  George Adamson. When Adamson was wounded and taken to relatives of Con Costello, he was sent to the O’Connor cottage at Derrevane in the townland of Tombeagh, County Offaly (pictured on page 408 of the second edition) Page 210  Kathleen Bannon of Monksland, member of Cumann na mBan, has been added to the listing. Her photo appears on page 407 Page 212  Patrick Behan (left). From the East Mayo Brigade and a member of East Mayo Flying Column Photo courtesy of Sharon Behan Woods and Joe Byrne Page 215 Sean Birmingham’s name was mis-spelled. It should read Sean Bermingham Page 216  Ned Bofin was the O/C of Rosses Point, Co. Sligo Page 217  Tom Boland of Knockabarnaboy, Scramogue has been added to the listing Page 218  Thomas Brady (left) of Drinane, Strokestown. Intelligence Officer Second Battalion North Roscommon (shown with Roscommon GAA medals) Photo courtesy of Aileen Dolan (nee Brady) Page 222  Edward Brehon of Doughill, Curraghroe has been added to the listing Page 224  Peter Breslin’s bio has been omitted from the 2nd edition   Page 226  Andrew Callaghan of Greatmeadow, Boyle has been added to the listing. He was a Free State soldier killed on the Boyle/Carrick-on-Shannon Road on 20 February 1923 Page 229  John Casey was from Derryhannee, Curraghroe. His native place is not mentioned in the second edition Page 229  Peter Casey (left) was not "from the Tarmonbarry area" but rather from Curraghroe. His nickname was "Petey". He died in 1973. Photo courtesy of John Casey and Seamus Scally Page 229  Patrick Cassidy of Ballaghaderreen has been added to the listing. Complete details on Cassidy are included in the new Mayo Addendum of the 2nd edition   Page 230  Patrick Chapman (left) of Abbeytown, Boyle is buried in Assylin Cemetery not Ardcarne. Photo courtesy of Una ‘Sis’ Murray Restoration by Dave Derby and Lew Thorne Page 231  Pat Coffey lived on Chapel Street in Ballaghaderreen Page 231  Bernard Coleman’s townland was mis-spelled. It should read Banada, Ballaghaderreen Page 232  John Joe Coleman of The Square, Ballaghaderreen died in 1948 not the 1960s Page 233  Peter Collins (Ballybeg, Strokestown) was involved in the Kilrooskey Fight in May 1921 Page 238  Luke Connor of Roscommon town is really Luke O’Connor. His picture appears alongside his name in the O section of the new edition Page 240  Sallie Conway’s name should be spelled Sally  Page 241  Many additional bits of information and a photo of Sean Corcoran, O/C of the East Mayo Brigade, are included in the Mayo Addendum, 2nd edition Page 242  John Costello (Castlerea area) was Captain of the Brusna Coy. Page 243  Joseph Cox of Ballyhubert, Scramogue has been added to the listing Page 245  Pat Crawley owned a garage in Loughglynn after the War. The back of his photograph of Gerald O’Connor should read, "6’1 of treason/felony"  Page 246  Tom Crawley is buried in Kilcolmon Cemetery not Kilcommon Cemetery Page 247  Jack Creighton was not a brother of Denis and Roger Page 251  The Cunnane Brothers of Alderford House: James Cunnane should read James Patrick Cunnane. Joseph Cunnane should read John Joseph Cunnane. There was no Patrick Cunnane (page 252) Page 255  James Curran ran to warn Dan O’Rourke who, at the time, was staying in Mrs. O’Hara’s house in Ballinaheglish. The Tans, however, were headed to Mrs. O’Gara’s—not knowing the difference between the two. Curran ran towards O’Hara’s house not towards Tarmon Page 256  Jack "Trick" Daly, a member of Kiltrustan Coy., has been added to the listing. He is listed as "James" in the second edition   Page 258/259  Luke Dempsey (left) of Greatmeadow, Boyle is buried in Assylin Cemetery not Ardcarne. Photo courtesy of Una ‘Sis’ Murray Restoration by Dave Derby and Lew Thorne   Page 259  Tom Devaney of Croghan was indeed arrested during the Tan War, but the story about his running after the lorry was falsely credited to him. The incident was true, but it was one of the other men with whom he was arrested who chased down the lorry. The story was one Tom told with amusement to his family over the years. He did not emigrate to England but rather to America before returning to Ireland Page 261  Martin Dockery (left) of Drumlish, Drummullin, Elphin had the middle initial of P. for Patrick not F. Vice/OC 2nd Battalion North Roscommon Brigade. He died 8 October 1984.   Photo courtesy of Eileen Dockery Matthews Page 261  Michael J. Dockery of Drumlish, Drummullin, Elphin died on 17 October 1985 Page 262  William Dockery of Drumlish, Drummullin, Elphin died on 4 March 1974 Page 263 & 266  The spelling of John Joe Doherty of Gubarudda, Arigna has been altered (to Dougherty) to reflect the alternate spelling found in additional documents. His known participation in the Keadue Ambush has been added to the second edition Page 265  John and Ned Doolan are really John and Ned Dowling of Carricknaughton. Information about their activities is correct Page 267  Jack Downes of Ballaghaderreen took part in the attack on the Ballaghaderreen Barracks in February 1921. He was the Transportation Officer for the 2nd Battalion East Mayo Brigade Page 269  James Duffy of Charlestown was from the townland of Hagfield. More complete details of his activities are included in the 2nd edition, Mayo Addendum Page 270  Mick Duffy (left) was a member of an East Mayo Flying Column.  Photo courtesy of Joe Byrne Photo restoration by Lew Thorne Page 271  James W. Duignan wore his American service uniform when he was in Ireland more because he was so proud of his adopted country rather than out of fear of the Free State forces   Page 282  Edward Farrell (left) of Lismehy, Strokestown, a member of the Carniska Company, 3rd Battalion North Roscommon Photo courtesy of Henry Owens Photo restoration by Lew Thorne Page 284  This page is missing an important picture. The photo of Emmett Mannion on page 378 is misplaced. Emmett Mannion was really Emmett Feely and his photo belongs on page 284. He did indeed serve as a Judge in the Sein Féin Courts Page 285  Henry Feely was not an Anti-Treatyite. He had joined the Free State Army. All activities attributed to him after the start of the Civil War are incorrect.  A report of his return to Boyle after his incarceration, written by a Boyle resident at the time, has been added to the second edition. He was not buried in Ardcarne Cemetery but rather in Assylin Cemetery Page 297  Thomas Foley was from Swinford, not Ballaghaderreen. His exploits are included in the new Mayo Addendum Page 300  Patrick Gaffney, Quartermaster for the 4th Battalion North, lived in Aughabehy, Arigna. So too his brother Michael Page 301  John Galvin took part in an ambush at Corofin in Co. Galway not Co. Clare Page 302  Bernard "Barney" "Paddy" Gannon lived in Upper Rover, Arigna. He participated in the Keadue Ambush after which he was arrested Page 312  One person in the group photo has been mis-identified. In the front row, third from the right, the name Pat Roddy was given to this man. This is a photo of Thomas Roddy of Lisacul Page 315  John Morrissey Grealy (Greally) was not the Quartermaster of the Ballyhaunis Battalion but the Commanding Officer. He was from Aughamore. His complete biography and photo have been included in the Mayo Addendum in the 2nd edition Page 316  Seamus Groarke has been added to the listing. He was the O/C of Swinford Battalion. More complete details about him are included in the Mayo Addendum of the 2nd edition Page 326  John Hunt of Cloonfree did not die as a young man. After the War, he married and farmed his land at Cloonfree Page 327  Andrew Hunt (left) of Milltown and Michael Hussey of Emlagh  Photo courtesy of Sean Raftery and Sean Browne Restoration by Lew Thorne Page 327  Mickey Hunt (right) from Stonepark, Co.Mayo. East Mayo Flying Column Photo courtesy of Brigid Hunt and Joe Byrne   Page 328  Thomas Jennings (left) of Palinalty, Cloonfad  Photo courtesy of Thomas Jennings Photo restoration by Lew Thorne Page 330  District Inspector Kearney is said to have saved the town of Boyle from being burned as a reprisal for the Keadue Ambush. His name has been added to the listing Page 333  (left to right) James ‘Brodie’ Kelly (Ballintubber), Michael Delaney (Castlerea), Kit Harrigan (Dublin) and Kevin Barry (Dublin) Photo courtesy of Sean Raftery and Sean Browne Photo restoration by Lew Thorne Page 343  Michael Kenny (left) of Gortaganny. Adjutant of Ballinlough Coy. Photo courtesy of Pat Vaughan Restoration by Lew Thorne Page 347  P. Kilmartin of Kilteevan has been added to the listing. He was active with the Swinford Company in County Mayo Page 357  The photo of the nine men at the bottom of the page contains another unknown figure. The words on the back of the original picture indicated that the second man from the left was Jimmy Moran. However, Jimmy’s niece, May Moran, has strongly indicated that the man in the photo is not Jimmy of Crossna (although he bears a strong resemblance to the photo of Jim Moran on page 388) Page 360  Alfred McCrann was the Captain of Frenchpark Company. He was not a member of Loughglynn Coy. Page 362  Another Michael McDermott has been added to the listing. He was the Vice O/C of the 2nd Battalion, East Mayo Brigade. More complete details about his activities are included in the Mayo Addendum of the 2nd edition Page 362-3 Stephen McDermott, who was shot in the Woodlands of Loughglynn, is buried in Baslick Cemetery not Ballinagare Page 363  Joe McDevitt led a Flying Column which operated mostly in County Mayo. After his arrest, he endured a 48 day hunger strike in Tintown. He is buried in St. Coman’s Cemetery Page 365  Sean MacEoin was the Minister for Justice from 1948-1951. He did not serve in that position in 1954  Page 366  Richard McGough was from the East Mayo Brigade not Tuam  Page 371 Free State soldier —- MacNabola has been added to the listing. He was wounded in the Battle of Boyle 1-2 July 1922 Page 374 photo contains four misnamed individuals. While the names are correct, they are not in correct order. Replace the words left to right with right to left under the photo and the proper identification can be made Page 377 James Maloney of Glenamaddy was a full-time member of the Flying Column formed in January 1921 led by Patrick Dunleavy Page 377  Margaret Mangan was a very good friend of Sean Bergin, but she was not engaged to him Page 378  Emmett Mannion pictured on this page is not Emmett Mannion but rather Emmett Feely. He did indeed serve as a Judge in the Courts   Page 378 Michael Mannion (left) of Kilbride Coy.  Photo courtesy of Jim Ganly, Cloonarragh, Derrane, Roscommon Page 380  Bernard Martin (of  St. Mary’s Terrace) and Brian Martin are one and the same man   Page 382  Francis Massey has been added to the listing. He was an officer in the Fairymount Company, 1st Battalion, North Roscommon Page 384  John Merriman has been added to the Roscommon Volunteer listing. Merriman was a Free State soldier who was wounded on the Boyle/Carrick-on-Shannon Road in February 1923. He also appears in the Mayo Addendum  Page 385  Michael Moffatt (Moffitt) (Magheraboy, Kilmovee) eventually became the Vice O/C of the East Mayo Brigade. More biographical material has been added about him in the Mayo Addendum Page 385  Patrick Moffatt   was from Willsgrove, Ballintubber. He was buried in the Ballintubber Cemetery not the Cloonard graveyard Page 385  Joseph Molloy was a boy of fifteen when he was fatally wounded. He was shot in arm, then the other arm, and finally received the deadly bullet in the back. He never moved from his spot in the field! Page 387  James Moran (Director of Training) did not emigrate to the United States Page 393  The picture of Pat Mullooly (left), Quartermaster North Roscommon Brigade, is not what it seems. His photo was extracted from the picture of the six men in Pat Madden’s section (page 374). Instead of reading "left to right", that photo should have read "right to left". Thus the wrong man is pictured as Mullooly. His individual photo has been replaced with a correct one in the 2nd edition Photo courtesy of Dermott Mullooly   Restoration by Lew Thorne Page 394  Lillie Mulvihill was not only a member of Cumann na mBan but a Captain in her area Pages 396, 397, 398  All members of the Murray family of Boyle – Becky, Bridie, Joseph (left photo), Marian, Phil, and Richard (right photo) – lived on Elphin Street, not Quarry Lane. Photos courtesy of Una ‘Sis’ Murray Restoration by Dave Derby and Lew Thorne Page 400  Richard ‘Dick’ Nally (left) working in his Castlerea shop with his store front shown on the right. Photos courtesy of Albert Siggins Restoration by Lew Thorne Page 407  The identity of the three women in the photo is as follows:  Standing–Brigid Reynolds, seated on the left is Annie O’Connor, and on the right is Kathleen Bannon Page 408  A sidebar has been added to include information about the cottage of John and Ellen O’Connor in Co. Offaly. The house was located at Derrevane in the townland of Tombeagh, about three miles from Ballycumber. The cottage was isolated (situated in a derry, a kind of oasis or island in the middle of the Lemanaghan bog). It proved to be an ideal place for men on the run to seek shelter. It is also the place where George Adamson was nursed back to health after he was shot in the chest during an altercation in Carricknaughton (as reported on page 210) Photo by Eamonn Dowling Page 408 Luke O’Connor (left), Church Street, Roscommon Town Photo courtesy of Patsy O’Bradaigh Page 409  A photo of Lena Sharkey O’Doherty has been added to the second edition. It appears under the S section along with her sister, Una Sharkey    Page 426  More information about Patrick J. Ryan appears in the Mayo Addendum of the 2nd edition Page 430  Pat Scanlon was the Adjutant of Boyle Company not the Adjutant of the 1st Battalion North Roscommon Page 432  The Sharkey sisters of Strokestown. Lena (left) was a member of Cumann na mBan while Una (right) was Brigade O/C, North Roscommon Cumann na mBan Photos courtesy of Liam Byrne, Lecarrow Restoration by Lew Thorne Page 433  John Sheerin (left), Tawneytaskin, Boyle. Vice O/C of 1 st Batt. North Roscommon Brigade Page 438  William Smyth of Carrick-on-Shannon has been added to the listing. He was a member of the Royal Irish Rifles in the British Army, and was wounded in Dublin during the Easter Rising. He was, unfortunately, fighting against the Volunteers  Page 445  John Treacy had no brother named Joseph. All the information listed under Joseph should be credited to John Surrounding Volunteers Galway Section Page 455 Two members of the West Connemara Flying Column. P. J. Donnell (left), O/C West Connemara ASU and Jack Feehan (right), West Connemara ASU Photos courtesy of Joe Baker’s publication, My Stand for Freedom Restoration by Lew Thorne Leitrim Section Page 458  The name of Bryan Gilgan (McElgunn) should be added to the list of arrested men after the Rising. Bryan was from Ballyboy, Manorhamilton. He was not sent to Frongoch but rather to Woking Gaol Page 459  Bernard Sweeney was the Quartermaster of the 2nd Battalion in 1920. Also the Company names of Aughwilliam and Crimlin were mis-spelled Page 460  R. Beatty of Killigar, Co. Leitrim has been added. He was wounded in Dublin during the Rising. Beatty was a member of the Royal Irish Fusiliers fighting in the British Army at the time Page 460  In the section about the men killed at Selton Hill, an asterisk behind the name of Seamus Wrynn of Tarmon, Ballinamore should be added (the asterisk indicating that he was killed) Longford Section Page 462 A sidebar has been added which includes the names of four men arrested after the Rising who were active Volunteers: 1.  P. Connaughton, Market Square, Longford. Sent to Stafford 2.  Chris Whiteham, Patrick Street, Mullingar. Sent to Knutsford on 3 May 1916 3.  Patrick Cassidy, Mullingar. Sent to Wandsworth but released shortly after 4.  Frank McGuinness, Longford. Sent to Wakefield Mayo Section Page 463  The First All-County Mayo Brigade Officers in 1915 were: O/C Joseph McBride (brother of Major John McBride)  (Westport), then in 1917 Michael McHugh Vice O/C Michael McHugh, John Hoban in 1917 Quartermaster: Michael Kilroy (Newport) Adjutant:  Dick Walsh (Balla) Page 463  By September 1920, there were four Brigades formed in County Mayo that included 12 Battalions Page 463 The two men in the Bonniconlon Company who were killed in action were: Patrick Morrison, and Thomas James Page 464  Tom Powell was the Vice O/C of the South Mayo Brigade. Page 464 "The Men of the West" Michael Kilroy’s Flying Column. Lying in front: Dr. John A. Madden First row (left to right) : G. Gavin, T. Heavey, John Duffy, J. McDonagh, P. Kelly, J. Moran, Jimmy Flaherty, Bart Cryan, M. Staunton  Second row: (left to right) : M. Naughton, J. Hogan, J. Hearney, D. Simmon, J. Keane, J. Connolly, Rick Joyce, P. McNamara, Willie Malone  Third row: standing (left to right) : Michael Kilroy, Tom Ketterick (Quartermaster), Ned Moane (Vice O/C of the Brigade), John Gibbons (Adjutant), Joe Walsh, P. J. Cannon, P. Lambert, J. Kelly, J.Doherty, Broddie Malone (Vice O/C of the ASU), J. Rush, Joe Ring  Missing from the photo:  Joe Baker, Michael Gallagher, and Paddy Gannon Photo taken on 21 June 1921 on the southern slopes of Mount Nephin by Jack Leonard Photo Courtesy of Leonard Photo Collection, Halfquarter, Ballisodare, Co. Sligo.   Restoration by Lew Thorne Page 465  A short biographical sketch of James "Broddie" Malone has been added Page 466  A short biographical sketch of Joe McBride has been added. Also Stephen Corrisan has been added to the listing of Mayo internees Sligo Section Page 467 Brigade Intelligence Officer, Michael Nevins (left) Photo courtesy of Mary McGuinn & Michael Farry Restoration by Lew Thorne Page 468 The South Sligo Flying Column (above right) Front row : Jim Hunt (2nd from left), Joe Finnegan (3rd from left), Thady McGowan (4th from left). Back row : Tom Brehony (3rd from left).  Other men are not yet identified. Photo courtesy of Hunt family, Gurteen and Michael Farry Restoration by Lew Thorne Page 469  On Easter Saturday Temple House Barracks was burned but not Temple House. It was said to have been spared because the owner’s ancestors had fed his tenants during the famine  Westmeath Section Page 469  A more accurate and complete identification of the men in the Coosan training camp follows: Seated in front: (left to right) Mick Spillane (Killarney), John F. Morley (Ballaghaderreen), Michael Buckley (Maynooth), Billy Mullins (Tralee), Michael Cremen (Cork), John "Jack" Brennan (Roscommon), Mick Allis (squatting behind Brennan with hat on) (Limerick) Standing in back row: (left to right) Peadar (Peter) Melinn (Athlone), Dick Fitzgerald (Kerry), J. J. Burke (Dublin), J. J. "Ginger" O’Connell (Sligo), Paul Galligan (Cavan), Larry Lardner (Athenry), Terence MacSwiney (Cork), and Sean Kearns (Kerry) Bibliography Page 477  Sean Brown’s name should read Sean Browne. Page 478  Pierce Foley’s name should read Pearse Foley (in honour of Patrick Pearse) Page 479  May Moran, niece of Paddy Moran, did not have a long personal interview with this author. We met at the Military Archives in Dublin, she perused my article on Paddy Moran, and suggested some changes. We have corresponded since that time (17 February 2006) Mayo Addendum A twenty-two page addendum has been added to the second edition. The new section includes a fourteen-page Chronology of Events, notes about specific Volunteers, and the command structure of the entire East Mayo Brigade, along with 20 new photos Index Two new pages of triple-columned index have been added in order to accommodate all the new place names and Volunteer names from County Mayo