‘There’s ten points left for us – we’ll be going for every one of them’

Roscommon manager Davy Burke and selector Lar Wall pictured during Sunday’s Allianz NFL Division One match between Roscommon and Galway in Dr Hyde Park. Pic: Bernie O’Farrell

Relief that there was at least one league point on the board after an exceptionally tough encounter was the overriding emotion for Roscommon manager Davy Burke after Sunday’s game, with the very windy conditions being the main talking point.

“It was very, very tough out there. Usually when you have a big, strong wind with you it’s obviously a big advantage. I’m not sure how much of an advantage it was today. You saw Galway struggle in the second half to score, and we did the same.

“It was nearly impossible to score in both ends. So it is what it is. We’re both (Roscommon and Galway) off the ground. There was two points there for us to win and for ten minutes there was two points there for us to lose. We got one”.

The Roscommon manager was glad to have the St Brigid’s lads back in the fold.

“Yeah, and there’s three or four more Brigid’s lads to come back on top of that too. We’ve four or five lads to return to play as well so I’d say come championship there will be seven or eight changes to both sides”.

Burke said that he couldn’t clearly see the red-card incident which led to Donie Smith being sent off late on.

“I’m not even sure what he did, I’m not just saying it. I didn’t see it clearly. There was a big hit by Paul (Conroy) that I thought could have been dealt with but wasn’t. I didn’t see it. If he hit him, he hit him. I didn’t see it. I’m sure some cameraman has it somewhere”.

In terms of the current and future status of the league campaign, the Roscommon manager had this to say. “It’s hard to read it. Look at last night in Castlebar, last-minute score (by Mayo, to win). You look at today, a drawn game. Every game is tight. Honestly, I believe every game in this division is 50/50. We’re going to Croke Park thinking we’re going to win. If we don’t win, it’s not good enough.

“Dublin went to Castlebar last night (Saturday) to win and they lost by a point. You have the best eight teams in Ireland playing each other every week. You’re going to win some and you’re going to lose some”.

And finally, in terms of the clash with Dublin on Saturday week? “Yeah, it gets easier, doesn’t it?!  Dublin have no point on the board, we have one. I’m sure it’ll be 50/50. There’s ten points left in this division for us – we’ll be going for every one of them” he concluded.