‘There will be war’

Fianna Fáil HQ is on the verge of making a bombshell intervention in the saga over the selection of a General Election candidate, sources believe.

  Speculation is rife that party HQ is intent on not holding any Selection Convention – instead imposing their own candidate. Sources say an announcement is imminent.  Should FF HQ impose a candidate without holding a Convention, there will be uproar at grassroots level on a scale similar to in Longford, where the party is in chaos.

  “There will be war (if there’s no Convention)” two separate sources told the Roscommon People.

  The executive of the Roscommon-Galway Comhairle Dáil Ceantair (CDC) have appealed to FF HQ to hold a Convention on Monday, December 14, but that call now looks set to fall on deaf ears. Talk of a candidate being imposed is likely to be particularly provocative for Convention front-runner Cllr. Eugene Murphy and his supporters.