The white dress and veil

A lot of my friends, they are couples. They are in Ireland over a year and very often are thinking about getting married. A few of them decided to have a wedding in Poland. Firstly, it’s cheaper and it’s easier to have the whole family together. But some of them started thinking about having a wedding in Ireland (especially the couples where one of them is Irish). If we are thinking about wedding tradition, they are very similar in Poland and in Ireland and now some advice for a super wedding and marriage. First we have to analyse the old traditions which are still being used. In the 18th and 19th century Irish people believed that if the sun shines for the bride, this brings good luck. If you want to use this tradition we can’t have the marriage in Ireland where it rains 365 days a year. So, we can find the funds to bring all the wedding guests to Majorca. Another signal of good luck is the cockerel crowing in the morning and also if you see three magpies. There’s no shortage of magpies in Roscommon, they’re continually stealing clothes pegs off my washing line. The cock crowing could be a little more difficult to arrange, especially in a town, but I have a solution for that. For example, you can download from the internet a ringtone which sounds like a cock and use it as an alarm clock so it is the first thing you hear in the morning.  Another thing is to do with congratulations. It is very important that the man is the first to congratulate the bride. Ach, but it’s really to forget about that in the panic of the big day when out of the crowd jumps the mad aunt who jumps the queue and makes her congratulations first. The advice is simple. Invite just the men, but now you have another problem because another tradition said that it’s good when the bride puts the veil on the head of another happily married woman. So, we have to invite the aunt of almost 100 who a few years ago buried her husband after 75 years of wedded bliss. First she will be the kind of person who will be first in the queue to congratulate the couple and in her marriage nothing wrong can happen any more. If you are thinking of choosing a date, we have to remember that the happiest day is the last day in the year and also don’t forget that all sentences are set. On Monday we marry for money, on Tuesday for health, on Thursday for God, on Friday for futility. Wednesday is the best day, Sunday it’s just not a day to get married. The last day of this year is a Monday so it’s not too bad. Anyway for a Wednesday on the last day of the year we have to wait a while, until 2014. All joking aside, a wedding is serious business. I am happily divorced (for sure, I won’t be putting a veil on anyone’s head at a wedding!), so I know what I am talking about. Everybody is dreaming that this day can be ideal and usually everything doesn’t go according to plan. On my wedding day, there was beautiful sun, the cocks were almost singing in the morning and my brother-in-law, was the first to congratulate me and in the whole upheaval I lost the most important thing, love. For sure, now you are thinking that I sound like and old-fashioned romantic song, but it really is like that. Love, it’s the only advice for a good marriage.