The right to ‘bare’ arms – and anything we want!


Last week, during what has been described as ‘a promotional event,’ A list actor Jennifer Lawrence was scandalously criticised by what I can only describe as a pack of joyless Femi-nazis for wearing a barely-there dress. Now you know the sort of mirthless Minnies…they’re the ones who cough and splutter into their G&Ts claiming how much they hate men and all they stand for! 

  “She looked frozen and out of place” screamed one hack. “Why is she wearing a skin-baring gown surrounded by men in coats?” asked another. “Inequality!” lamented a scandalised Irish radio contributor. Then we had Helen Lewis, (deputy editor of New Statesman, a British political and cultural magazine), getting her armpit-hugging-reinforced-gusset-granny-knows-best knickers in a twist, saying “This is such a quietly depressing (and revealing) image.” Er, to be honest Ms. Lewis, what I find ‘depressing’ is the surging storm in a D cup spurned on by green-eyed, resentful, bitterly spiteful harpies with nothing better to do than slag off a beautifully talented Oscar winner…and all because she chose to wear an eye-catching, albeit revealing Versace gown at a photocall to promote her movie, Red Sparrow.   

  Personally, I’d have stood in the nip in sub-zero temperatures if someone agreed to pay me just a fraction of Jen’s salary…soooo, what do you have to say about me?

  Look, I’m sick of these judgemental hessian sack-wearing shrews who continuously try to pit women against each other when what we all really should be doing is empowering and helping each other. I mean, OMG, why is it that some members of my gender are such massive buzz kills they have to stand firmly on the twin pillars of venom and hostility while battering the sisterhood? So what if a woman, any woman, whether an actor, office worker, child-minder, columnist, beautician, hairstylist, etc., etc., etc., wishes to bare her bits in a slinky little slashed to the waist, cut to the thigh number? So what if she wants to wear six-inch heels in the depths of winter! It’s her perogative! Troll off and mind your own bloody business and allow those of us who are happy to rejoice and embrace equality to dress without duress.

  You see readers, as a feminist myself, I believe in the equality and the empowerment (without limitations) of all women; however, this resurgent and sinister profile of the so-called ‘Femi-nazi’ with their misguided notions that all men are the enemy who must be defeated at all costs worries me. Our gender doesn’t need to emasculate men to feel empowered, nor do we need to engage in fringe extremism by publicly tweeting, squawking and bellowing like she-devils regarding such immaterial social issues like ‘slut-shaming’ a sister for looking fabulous in a designer frock!

  Being a feminist is being a champion of women’s rights. Being a feminist is endorsing, supporting and lobbying for the equality of all women; in all walks of life. Being a feminist is helping each other. This is what I believe in. And…if a man wants to hold open a door for me or rise when I enter a room…great. I love it. It’s called manners, and I say thank you!

  However, sadly there are those who insist on promoting this misdirected notion that all men are insensitive, misogynist a**eholes…these are the ones who’re doing the most harm to our gender. Why? Because they are creating a generation of men who feel castrated, feeble and useless…and that’s just mean and unjust!


Is this the demise of diesel cars?


Last week, Minister Denis Naughten launched his Anti-Illegal Dumping Initiative and well done to him; I hope local community groups, (who do amazing work), manage to get their hands on  much-needed funding to gear up and stay on top of those selfish, dirty, under-handed, ignoramuses who jettison their waste willy-nilly around our beautiful Roscommon countryside.

  However…while I’m handing out much-deserved plaudits to our lovely Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, I need to ask him these questions…why is his Department penalising us diesel car drivers with higher levies on fuel, having previously actively encouraged us to ditch the petrol and buy diesel because ‘it’s greener’? And, can Mr. Naughten kindly give us a heads-up as to how many more ways his Government is deciding  to screw us before we don’t even have enough money for a litre of milk and a loaf of bread?

  I mean, seriously folks, when I saved and saved and shelled out for a second-hand diesel car last year, I honestly didn’t think I’d be treated like an environmental terrorist by the very people who encouraged it and whom, by the way, now rob me of €1,100 a year tax for the privilege of driving (and wrecking) it on what’s left of our pothole-filled, substandard dirt tracks masquerading as roads!

The ‘Black Widow’ preferred Bible to my classes

She thought she’d pulled off the perfect crime but Catherine Nevin, the individual who orchestrated the assassination of her hard-working gent of a husband Tom back in 1996 – believing she’d live life as a much-minted merry widow – is now deceased. Good riddance. I’ve said before that I delivered education/training courses in prisons, including the Dochas Women’s Centre, but the high profile manipulative so-called ‘black widow’ was never an attendee at any of my classes, apparently preferring instead to read the bible and study her books relating to the law. Maybe my little lessons were too twee for madam.  

  However, I’m going to divulge that, like many of us, (come on, admit it), the dark deceiver did somehow capture my morbid fascination and curiosity for the simple reason that, as a narcissistic femme fatale, Nevin was media gold! I hope Tom Nevin is resting in peace and I hope his lovely, dignified family have at last found closure.