The protestors have their say

Ann Golden Lough Road ‘Roscommon town turlough is a unique turlough in the heart of an urban development. Roscommon is expanding and we are all pro-development and we ned to preserve and protect what is natural and part of our heritage and we need to preserve what is unique. Zoning on a turlough is outrageous, what is needed is protection.’ John Cullen Lough Road ‘I live on Lough Road and have been there for 30 years. The lough is a natural thing that is there. If people understood the importance of the Lough, they wouldn’t go near it.’ Nollaig Molloy Derrane Road, Fourmilehouse ‘I am here to support the groups that have come here today to protect the Lough from rezoning.’ Gerry Browne Antogher Road ‘I am here to demand national heritage status for Loughnaneane. I am very pleased with the numbers that turned out.’ Kristy Verenga ‘I think there’s too much building going on all over Roscommon. We need to save the wetlands and protect every bit of turlough.’