‘The next month or two will be very unnerving’

Water levels at Lough Funshinagh (pictured on Wednesday of this week) are very high for this time of year. Pic: Kieran Croghan

Padraig Beattie, a victim of the flooding at Lough Funshinagh, told the Roscommon People this week: “Only for the road was raised in 2021, we’d be flooded today. There are three pumps going around the clock at present to keep the water from ours and two other houses.

“We have six weeks of winter weather and uncertainty ahead of us. And considering that the current water level is slightly off of the peak levels seen in 2021, the next month or two will be very unnerving”.

Padraig and his mother Mary, along with their neighbours, are facing into their eighth year of uncertainty.

“The council have started deploying sandbags on the already raised road. Three years ago we saw our neighbours, the Lyons, having to evacuate their house as a result of the flooding.

“It is scary to think that all these years later we find ourselves in the same situation that they did before they were forced to leave their home”.

According to Padraig, there is an eight-mile diversion in place as a result of the L-2005 being closed by the local authority this week.

“This will have an ongoing impact on the wider community. There could be 100 people affected on a daily basis” he said this week.