The horrors of last week highlight the escalating problem of human trafficking


The very idea that thirty-nine people could freeze to death in a truck trailer in their quest to seek a better life is not just heartbreaking; it’s also scarcely credible in this day an age. In fact, the sheer awfulness of this tragedy (with its apparent Irish links) serves to highlight the rapidly escalating problem that is human trafficking. 

  Therefore, as the international investigation into the deaths continues, like others, I have to wonder what would persuade anyone to leave their homes and families and attempt a hazardous trip to the other side of the world where they believe (or are told) they’ll be able to live a more lucrative lifestyle? Those vulnerable people who made that life-ending trip last week, must have known they were entering another country illegally, meaning they would on some level have realised that if things didn’t go according to plan, they wouldn’t have felt comfortable going to the authorities for help. Yet, for some reason, these poor souls, possibly upon analysing the obvious risk factors involved, decided to take their chances. And why? Was it because their lives were so horrendous back home? Or was it because the lies they were spun – by what I can only describe as predatory pimps – were so believable, the deceased, despite being at a disproportionately high risk for future exploitation, handed over their cash and placed themselves at the mercy of manipulative people?

  As desperation, poverty and vulnerability are all on the rise, those in need will always be at risk of being coerced into what may become life-threatening situations. Indeed exploitation will always be the driving force behind the current scale of human trafficking, which has become so massive, it has now morphed into a phenomenally lucrative business, taking on many forms. However, this latest tragedy, which has rocked Ireland, (and the world), has brought the illegal transportation of what must have been distraught and wretched human beings, and their resulting victimisation and deaths, under sharp scrutiny.

  Amid reports of these desperate people paying international gangs up to Stg£30,000 each in order to take their trip, given the profit margins involved, is it any wonder that these immigration-based crimes are on the rise? Indeed, the fact that our own country’s name has been implicated in this latest catastrophic incident not only brings this exploitative industry closer to home, it also serves to show us the full scope of the overall operation. Now it stands to reason that criminals will always look for a market, and of course the more global they can make that market the more profitable it will be. Therefore, given existing legislation appears to be clearly inadequate when it comes to addressing the severity of the issue, I’d imagine it’ll be hard for the Gardaí and their UK counterparts to pinpoint not only the actual scale of this exploitation, but the mastermind(s) behind it. 

  The underlying horror here is that this heart-shredding story will not serve to be the watershed moment that makes authorities sit up and tighten legislation; rather it will likely become another nine-day wonder. Lessons will not be learned and vulnerable people will still risk their lives in search of a better life. May those thirty-nine souls rest in peace. My thoughts are with their grief-stricken families and friends.

Is favouritism alive and well and living in the Dáil?


I see the ‘boil water’ notice has been lifted in Dublin, Kildare and Meath…oh great, thank God this highly important issue has been resolved; I mean, I was all ready to don my black armband and go into mourning for those thirsty city folk! Told ya…multiple sarcasms! 


  Look, when I arrived in this county, I was under a ‘boil water’ notice for two years…yep, two whole years, but did anybody care? Nope! In fact the water coming out of my tap was so bad, not only did I not wish to drink it, I didn’t wish to shower in it! But hey, was our precarious and toxic situation down here in Roscommon addressed as a matter of urgency in the Dáil? Er no! Was a ‘top priority’ tag placed on the incident? Er no! And why was that? Well, I can only assume that as the contamination of our rural water didn’t affect our city-dwelling senior politicians, our fate remained unimportant.

  Indeed, I’m wondering if the reason last week’s Dublin/Kildare/Meath water emergency was sorted so quickly was due to the fact it directly affected an Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s own home and impacted on his Dublin West constituency? Hmmm, reality check here folks…methinks that as rural Roscommon appears to continue to fall victim to the values and the priorities of the big cities, that it’s clear favouritism and preferentialism are alive and well and possibly living in the Dáil!

 Wishing Conor all the very best!


Last week I watched deadbeat walking, (sorry, that’s what I call Conor McGregor), announce his UFC comeback fight with, at the time of writing, an unnamed opponent. I have to say, despite the fact I’m a proud Dubliner, I for one won’t be cheering him on.

  In my opinion, given McGregor’s disgraceful pattern of behaviours, (or alleged disgraceful behaviours), this mouthpiece is, for me, not so much a sportsman, rather he serves as an insult to those of us who pride ourselves in coming from similar working class backgrounds.

  Let me tell you folks that every time this bragger opens his cake-hole, I feel myself physically cringing and I’m concerned that his fans, who follow him like sheep, will not only believe his conduct and his er, capers, are acceptable, they’ll also believe they’re normal. Okay, McGregor is the epitome of the fairytale rags-to-riches story, and for that I applaud him. However, using a set of expletives to announce your Octagon comeback when young, impressionable sports fans are listening – saying “I do not give a f**k who the opponents is” – doesn’t so much make McGregor ‘Notorious,’, rather it makes him pitiful!

  He’s arguably giving Dubliners a bad name too! Let me assure you that while every decent Dubliner who lives among you may be motivated to earn as much dosh as we can by working hard, it is not our aim to flaunt it as egomaniacally or as coarsely as we can. Nor is it our aim to offend as many people as we can.

  Remember this, all you young up and coming sports stars; while carrying on like a mouthy degenerate and then draping our country’s flag over your shoulders may generate you a fan base, it will not generate you any real respect. However, as I’m a woman known for reaching multiple sarcasms, (er, that was sarcasms), I’ll finish by wishing Conor all the very best!