‘The Haunted Soldier’ an incredible sculpture which is worth seeing!



An incredible sculpture of a weary WWI soldier has been in place for the past weeks at St. Stephen’s Green and up to Monday when it will return to Dorset, where it was crafted.

  ‘The Haunted Soldier’ was designed by Dorset artist and blacksmith Martin Galbavy and constructed by Chris Hannam of Dorset Forge and Fabrication to commemorate the Armistice Day Centenary. A 6m high statue, it was created from bits of scrap metal, including horseshoes, spanners, car jacks and brake discs, etc. Sheet metal was used in the hands and face.

  ‘The Haunted Soldier’ depicts a weary and haunted-looking first World War soldier, so many of whom ‘returned’ as dead heroes.

  The exhibit can be seen in St Stephen’s Green until Sunday, November 25th. It’s well worth seeing.