The grass is greener with Digest-It

Slurry is a valuable fertiliser resource, but is often seen as a polluting waste. A key problem with slurry is the high ammonia level which being volatile gives slurry its distinctive odour. High levels of ammonia can also be detrimental to livestock health and is also one of the causes of soil compaction, which deprives soil life of air, an essential requirement.

  Digest-it, a liquid biological additive has been designed to convert ammonia into organic forms of nitrogen, which are less volatile, but are still important for grass growth. By trapping ammonia and converting it to other useful forms of nitrogen less is lost to the atmosphere.

  Trial work conducted on 15 dairy farms has shown Digest-it treated slurry increased Nitrogen levels by 33%. By reducing ammonia levels the smell is also considerably less.

  In addition, slurry is more uniform with less energy required to stir and pump, and crusting is also reduced. Devenish Nutrition/MCL Agri have conducted grass trials comparing the effect of Digest-it treated slurry with untreated slurry from the same unit and reported a 36% increase in grass yield. For every €1 spent on Digest-it, €9 was produced in extra grass. This product breaks down the slurry during the process

  The product is available from MCL Agri in Lanesboro, Co. Longford.