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Gallagher: Rossies ‘cynical’, Derry were trying to play!

Speaking to Frank Roche of the Irish Independent,  Derry boss Rory Gallagher – clearly not too exercised by the GPA’s request that managers might kindly ignore the media last weekend – suggested that “cynical” Roscommon had instigated the fiery finale to Sunday’s game. 

  “I thought it got a bit out of hand, to be honest. It was a hard game to ref and from my point of view we were trying to play all the football. I don’t believe we instigated much of what went on, but look, we were not going to lie down either. 

  “Roscommon showed their Division One experience and were fairly cynical at times in trying to stop our running game…this was always going to be a battle but we stuck it out well”. 

Seamus Duke comments: Roscommon manager Anthony Cunningham was one of the intercounty bosses who decided not to interact with the media last weekend, this stance being in support of the GPA dispute with the GAA over expenses. 

  It’s a pity that after such a controversial game, and comments from Derry boss Rory Gallagher, in which he effectively suggested that Roscommon had been responsible for the nasty undercurrent (above), that we can’t report the view from the Roscommon camp. 

  Whatever the merits of the players’ dispute with the GAA, penalising the media, and the local media in particular, seems meaningless to me, and I struggle to see how it will advance the cause of the players.


‘A war of attrition’– Dineen

After the Roscommon-Derry game on Sunday, former Roscommon star Nigel Dineen agreed that it hadn’t been one for the purists! 

  “It was a war of attrition. I wasn’t sure that four points of a lead was going to be good enough at half-time but when we got the two points after half-time we were in a great position (six ahead)…but in fairness to Derry they stuck to their guns.

  “Look, it was a nasty game in the second half and certainly not a spectacle, but a draw was probably a fair result. It suits Derry better than Roscommon and it was disappointing for Roscommon not to win having been six points up. 

  “But it’s still in the melting pot (promotion) and it looks like it will come down to the final game of the campaign against Galway” he concluded.