‘The Fundamentals’ at the Moving Stairs

The "Nine Miles to the Gallon" tour brings together bands from the top 5, hit album "Our Space". The album which was funded by "3" was produced by DCFE records. The Dublin-based bands, ‘The Fundamentals’, ‘The Looks’ and ‘Hidden From Nowhere’ will play 13 dates in ten counties over August and September, including an appearance at the Moving Stairs in Boyle on Wednesday night next, August 1st.             At each event the audience will be treated to a night of original, live music, as well as the opportunity to pick up a copy of the ‘Nine Miles to the gallon EP’. The CD features a track from each group and provides a taster to their future releases.             In addition to live performances from the bands at the Grange Music Festival in Sligo, their tour manager, John McFadden will provide workshops on organising tours and setting up a record label. After the festival performance, the bands can be heard live on Shannonside/Northern Sound from 6 pm on the same day, Saturday 4th of August.             The tour is also hitting the internet, with the bands creating video blogs and frequent web updates to keep fans in tune with their progress. These can be seen on on www.bebo.com/ninemilestothegallon . All bands are really excited about the tour and will see you at a show and on the web soon!