‘The Fro Will Go’ at CrossFit Croí to support Join Our Boys Trust

Roscommon mum Paula Naughton and her husband Padraic have issued a heartfelt thanks to James Cuddy, finalist in Ireland’s Fittest Family, and Patrice Kenny, CrossFit Croí Athlone, for the action-packed fundraising day planned for Sunday, February 13th.

  The family also wishes to acknowledge the great support received from Paul Farrell and the team at Alter Ego, Athlone. The funds raised will support the completion of a purpose-built home for the three beautiful and courageous Naughton boys, Archie (16), George (11), and Isaac (11).   

  ‘The Fro Must Go’ restyling event will take place on the day and the public still have an opportunity to decide on the final style of ‘Mohawk Viking’, ‘Mullet & Mo’, or ‘Everything must Go’ at idonate.ie/fundraiser/11424836_the-fro-must-go.html.

  CrossFit Croí will also host a marathon workout on the day to support the boys. Teams of four will compete at various levels and the team that accumulates the most assault bike calories on the day will be crowned the winners.

  In 2012, when Archie was six and the twins George and Isaac were two and a half, all three boys were diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). DMD is a catastrophic muscle-wasting disease that will eventually impact on the boys’ ability to walk, use their limbs, or even hug the people they love. Archie, George, and Isaac are all paralysed and in wheelchairs. They are now struggling to use their arms.

  The Join Our Boys Trust was set up in 2014. The aim of the Trust is twofold: to design and build a purpose-built house that will accommodate Archie, George, and Isaac for as long as they require it, and to fund research into finding a cure for DMD disease.

  Since the Trust was established, enough money has been raised to build the house in Roscommon Town. However, an additional €300,000 is required to ensure the house is fully kitted out with the equipment needed to ensure the boys’ complex needs are adequately met.

  On December 6th last, the Trust launched one of its biggest fundraising campaigns to date to help raise €300,000 to get the family into their home.

  The family feels there is finally light at the end of the tunnel and will, with your continued support, very soon be in their purpose-built house. Everyone can help Archie, George, and Isaac and their Mum and Dad get into their home by donating at joinourboys.org/donate/.