The Floating Voter – May 3rd




PAUL HEALY’S wry take on Election ’19



Gemma’s gripe

So, I note that self-styled “investigative journalist” Gemma O’Doherty complained on Twitter that an interview she did with RTE on why she is running in the European elections had been “reduced to one line”.

  Considering the garbage she has been coming out with in recent months, many people will feel it was a line too far…


Croghan incident

More reports of posters of Cllr. Michael Mulligan of Sinn Féin being vandalised. According to our sources, the latest incident came in the Croghan area of North Roscommon on Tuesday night, when posters belonging to Cllr. Mulligan were allegedly removed. Says a source: “A local woman actually confronted the people involved…and received verbal abuse”.


Maria in the wars

There was a time when you could probably jokingly infer that you might take aim at another politician – even a so-called colleague – but I guess you can’t be too careful these days…

  So, predictably, there was much tut-tutting and even some anger (or was it mock outrage?) when Fine Gael European election rookie Maria Walsh made a ham-fisted attempt at humour.

  Anyone with any interest in these elections (no smart comments please) knows that former Rose of Tralee Maria is having an almighty job trying to keep seasoned campaigner and sitting MEP Mairead McGuinness away from the Mayo side of the vast Midlands-North West constituency!

  Commenting on the developing ‘turf war’ to the Sunday Independent, Ms. Walsh er…fired…this broadside at her FG ‘colleague’: “As a 31-year-old woman, I have a crown and sash from the Rose of Tralee in one hand and in the other hand my marksmanship is 37 out of 40 shots with a Steyr rifle”. (She was referring to her role in the Defence Forces).

  Amongst the ‘Unimpressed Brigade’ was Renua Party candidate Michael O’Dowd, who said: “These comments are disgraceful and need to be disowned by the Taoiseach. She is clearly tone deaf to the real use of guns and violence in my home town of Drogheda. There is nothing flippant about bullets being used to settle feuds.

  “Maria, by her comments, has displayed an appalling lack of judgement. She should apologise to the electorate and probably to her running mate as well”.


Goodbye to all that…

Monday’s Council meeting was the last one for retiring councillors Rachel Doherty, Michael Creaton and Paddy Kilduff. All three councillors wished their colleagues well and all three received warm tributes and good wishes. Indeed all three received a lovely presentation from the Council. Good luck to all three – you are free!

May may bring momentum!

Every politician we meet has been commenting that the ‘election hasn’t really taken off’ – or words to that effect.

  We’re absolutely fine with the ‘Groupthink’ that has led to so many candidates not putting up posters…but maybe it’s the absence of posters that has contributed to a remarkable lack of public awareness of the fact that elections are imminent?

  The good news (for candidates) is that the arrival of May will surely change all that. We can expect debates on radio and television, lots of interaction on social media, and here at the Roscommon People, the most insightful, creative and entertaining political commentary.


Paddy and John shake on it!


Forget Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un – Paddy Kilduff and John Keogh have also shaken hands and made up!

  In his closing remarks at his last Council meeting (on Monday), an emotional Cllr. Kilduff referred to his long-running dispute with Cllr. Keogh, a falling out which contributed to the Glanduff man’s decision to leave Fianna Fáil last year.

  Wishing his former FF colleagues all the best, Cllr. Kilduff said he’d like to shake hands with Cllr. Keogh. There was, he said, a proviso, which was that Cllr. Keogh accepts that he misinterpreted a handshake between the two in Kerry about a year and a half ago. Cllr. Kilduff said that on that occasion Cllr. Keogh privately told him that he was coming out as a gay man (which he subsequently did). Cllr. Kilduff says that when he shook hands with Cllr. Keogh at that time it was to congratulate him, and was “in no way” an apology for anything that went on before.

  On Monday, Cllr. Keogh generously accepted Cllr. Kilduff’s invitation and the two men ‘met in the middle’ and shook hands in front of their colleagues – to strong applause.

  Concluding the meeting on that happy note, Cathaoirleach Cllr. Ivan Connaughton quipped: “That (handshake) concludes a lot of things!”