The family inspection

The family inspection The holidays are almost over. What can I say? Time is running out. This year a lot of us decided to spend our holidays cleaning the house. Yes, yes, cleaning, but not just simple cleaning, cleaning for the arrival of our parents.             ‘Mother, mother, I bought a ticket, so stop speaking and get over here.’ ‘Hey, how can I get a plane and why do I have to go there?’ I heard this kind of dialogue many times, because our lives as emigrants are now well established. So, now we can calm our parents’ fears. The best way to do this is to invite them to Ireland.             One week ago I was really nervous. The guest room is so clean, the car, after an hour of scrubbing, came back to its original colour. The bank card, if it could explode, it would have done so by now because of all the use it’s getting. The week has been spent planning.             The day has arrived. For a few hours we wait in the airport, wondering if they got the right plane. The meeting takes place and instead of the expected words ‘I haven’t seen you in so long’, we hear the words ‘because Daddy couldn’t get up from the toilet, I was so ashamed.’ ‘Hey, Mommy, mommy