Thanks extended

Paul Healy thanked a number of people who played key roles in getting the school magazine project to launch stage.     He paid tribute to the first chairperson of the sub-committee, Ciaran Mullooly, who had been very involved in the school magazine project from the outset. ‘I want to acknowlege Ciaran Mullooly’s outstanding work on a number of fronts in the fight against suicide in Roscommon,’ he said.    Mr. Healy went on to thank the members of Roscommon Lions Club and particularly the members of the Suicide Awareness and Prevention Sub-Committee for their support. He acknowledged that Lions Club President Mr. John F. Hanley had been a great supporter of the school magazine project over the last two years and also thanked Gerry Finn and Ciaran Mullooly for their role in preparing a successful Dormant Accounts funding submission (submitted in the name of Roscommon Lions Club, Roscommon Mental Health Association and Youth Work Ireland).    Mr. Healy also thanked Annette Corkery of Mammy Penguin Design in Longford who was responsible for the very attractive design of the magazine.