Taoiseach, HSE in meeting to discuss Roscommon Hospital

  Local TD Denis Naughten was informed by An Taoiseach that senior management of the HSE were to meet with him (Mr. Cowen) yesterday (Wednesday) to provide an update on the operation of health services.   ‘I understand from the HSE that included on the agenda was the plan to downgrade services at Roscommon County Hospital,’ stated Deputy Naughten.   ‘It is imperative that there is a positive conclusion to these talks and that there is no further foot-dragging on the hospital issue. What we don’t want is a situation where no firm commitment on our hospital is made as this would only serve to facilitate the HSE in continuing with is plan of ‘closure behind the scenes’.   ‘It is also vital that we have a clear and unambiguous statement from An Taoiseach outlining both the Government’s and HSE’s position on the future of services at Roscommon County Hospital.   ‘We don’t want another ‘agreement’ behind closed doors which allows both sides to take their own interpretation and facilitate the HSE’s agenda of running down our hospital.’   Deputy Naughten added: ‘It’s disappointing that the Government has waited until so late in the day to take a direct role in relation to the downgrading plans for our hospital but, nonetheless, this step at this stage is a welcome one.   ‘I am glad that this action has been taken as a result of my exposure last week of the fact that the Government had sat idly by and allowed the HSE to proceed with the downgrading plans for the hospital. It is clear that the Government had taken its eye off the ball regarding this issue, which is amazing considering the proposals were first mooted nearly two years ago.   ‘We want answers and we want them now. We want firm, written commitments from the Government regarding the future status of our hospital.’