‘TAMS costings fully disconnected from reality’ – ICMSA

The Chairperson of ICMSA’s Farm and Rural Affairs Committee, Denis Drennan, has said the TAMS costings are “fully disconnected from reality” and called for them to be revised in the wake of surging construction costs.

  “There must be a degree of progress on this issue because we’ve repeatedly pointed out that so far from closing the gap between actual costs and the increasingly fictional costings set out in TAMS, the gap appears to be widening,” he said.

  “Famers cannot wait until Tranche 26 opens in April, the current costings were developed in March 2021 and were questionable even then. But now in the spring of 2022, they in no way reflect the current costs of materials. 

  “Some of our members have been quoted prices in excess of 40 per cent above the reference costings. We said before that the failure to update the costings was making TAMS irrelevant and we very much regret to point out that the gap is widening not closing”. 

  Mr. Drennan said that ICMSA fully supports dairy farmers’ engagement with environmental issues but that TAMS must be fit for purpose.

  “It is not fit-for-purpose right now, and it has not been for some time. Only the Department can fix that, and they need to get to grips with a problem that is completely obvious and completely within their control,” he concluded.