Tallying of votes coming to an end in Roscommon 

The sorting and tallying of votes at the Dr Hyde Centre in Roscommon is coming to an end. The retirement of one third of sitting councillors appears to be resulting in a more even distribution of votes in all LEAs.

In the Boyle LEA it looks like there will be a battle of transfers for the last seat. In the Roscommon LEA, it looks like Fine Gael can take a seat for the first time in 2 election cycles in this area but this will be heavily dependent on vote management by the two candidates, Cllr Liam Callaghan and Dympna Daly-Finn, who are very close in the tallies. In the Athlone LEA, Emer Kelly looks set to be in the running to top the poll, this is the first election the co-opted councillor has contested and she appears to be popular across her district.

Counting is due to get underway shortly and we will update you as soon as we have a first official count.