Tale of the tape: Marty measures up for political bid





Marty McDermott has been fitting customers out in suits for nineteen years – now he’s measuring up for a serious tilt at a political career. 

  The popular employee of John Corcoran Menswear in Roscommon town stormed to success in Friday’s Fianna Fáil Selection Convention in the Abbey Hotel.

  And Roscommon had its own ‘Marty Party’ over recent days as well-wishers congratulated the Oran native on his breakthrough. Marty will contest the local elections for Fianna Fáil in Roscommon LEA along with Cllrs. Paschal Fitzmaurice and Orla Leyden.  

  Delighted and humbled with his convention win, political newcomer Marty (39) told the Roscommon People: “I’m over the moon. I had a lot of work done over the last three years or so. I called to a lot of houses, drank tea with them, discussed the issues”.

  The rumour mill had suggested that Marty was indeed going to be a force come convention time. And so it proved. Marty confirms that he recruited some new members for the party. When the voting took place, he was elected on the first count. The election will be held next summer. What does he see as the issues?

  “There are loads of issues. I’m a proud native of Clooneenbane, Oran and a resident of Roscommon town for the last twelve years. Many issues require attention. Farmers are concerned about their incomes. Rural roads need attention. Flooding is a big concern. I will be very forceful on issues to do with OAPs…for example, Home Help hours need to be extended. Social housing will also be on my agenda. Businesses are crippled with overheads and of course there are over one million people in the country without broadband”.

  He is anxious too that health issues are addressed, and pledges to highlight the campaign by local woman Tracey Brennan for equal access to the Pembro drug. 

  It’s a long list, this evolving manifesto, but Marty is ready to hit the ground running in the New Year.  

  “I’m looking forward to the challenge. I look forward to meeting the people. I’m very accessible, very easy to approach”.

  As he reflects on the successful first step, and with the challenging local election campaign still to come, he is grateful to everyone who has supported him.

  “I want to thank all my supporters and friends for their support, particularly everyone who voted for me on Friday night”.

  He received great support too from his wife Deirdre (nee Crehan) and their daughters Grace and Emily, and is also keen to thank his parents Billy and Ann and Deirdre’s parents, John and Bernadette. 

  Marty’s been working in John Corcoran’s popular premises for nineteen years…so what does his boss think of his right-hand man dipping his toes into political waters?

  “Oh John’s been very supportive. He’s never tried to stop me! We have a great relationship, he’s my boss, but also my friend”.