Taking unauthorised images is disgusting, debauched and deviant

20-year-old Nicole Mageean from Portaferry in Belfast has made it abundantly clear she plans to stand by her 19-year-old fiancé Thomas Edgar despite the fact he was given two years’ probation and ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register for five years for…wait for it…trying to allegedly secretly video her mother while she was having a bath. Nicole said: “If he was a bad a person I wouldn’t be with him or engaged. I was there the night everything happened, so I know.” 

  Wow, is it just me or does anyone else find this young woman to be incredibly naïve to think she can build a happy life with a man (and he is a man, despite the fact he’s still technically a teenager), who is a sexual voyeur at least, a candidate for becoming a possible perverted predator at worst?

  I mean, what the hell makes a woman stand by a man who has absolutely no respect for her or for other women? What is her motivation? Is this young woman blinded by love or does she just like a challenge? Or…and I have to ask this question, but are women who stand by their men, no matter what despicable act or acts they carry out, themselves victims of abuse and violence?

  I’m no psychotherapist, nor am I an expert in any way on those who sex-offend, but I’ll ask another question and it’s this…is secretly videoing your future mother-in-law or your future wife or any woman for that matter a symptom that something else is seriously wrong with you? Do you have other underlying mental health problems?

  Perhaps Nicole really does love and trust her future husband and if she does, fair play to her, she has an enormous sense of compassion and needs all the support she can get because, despite the fact people will fail to understand her loyalty to a man who perpetrated this vile act on her own mother, (and I’m one of those who cannot understand it), we must remember, Nicole has committed no crime. 

  Then again, perhaps some women choose to forgive and forget because they fear if they leave these fiends, dump them like the toxic waste they are, they themselves will be facing an unknown and uncertain future, which in their minds is possibly much scarier.

  One thing is certain, women like Nicole who do stand by men like Edgar are facing enormous moral and agonising issues such as – do they have concerns he secretly films them in the bath or when they are at their most vulnerable? What if this couple have children together…does Nicole have concerns Edgar will secretly video them?

  Now at this stage, and for the sake of balance, because I like to be fair, I did read in the Irish Independent that, following his arrest, Edgar told the cops he was really trying to video Nicole and not her mother as “a practical joke.” Okay, not as sinister I agree, but still, if someone close to me, someone who loved me, secretly videotaped me in a vulnerable situation or indeed in any situation without my permission, it’d be the last thing they ever record because if they’re the type of person who illicitly videos another, loved one or stranger, and possibly for their own sexual gratification, then, put quite simply, they’re a deviant pervert.

  We all know that when in a public place the expectation of privacy is nil, however I believe taking unauthorised images is a disgusting trait in any human being. A young guy found this out to his peril when, many years ago while on holiday in the Canaries with my then teenage daughter, I noticed this piece of filth secretly filming her as she sunbathed. I snatched his ‘phone and dragged him by the scruff of his neck to a nearby policeman. His defence? My daughter was a stunner. Yep, she was, still is a beauty, but he’d no right to violate her in this sick way. The images, though innocent enough, were unauthorised, and when the cop handed me back the perv’s phone I danced on it, smashing it to smithereens. We all have a right to expect privacy and respect and not have some warped little deviant exert their distorted, debauched sense of power over us.

Katherine reboots tired Op Tran formula!

I tuned into the first episode of Celebrity Operation Transformation and cheered as the fabulous Katherine Lynch upped the glamour stakes and rebooted this tired formula, donning a pair of red stilettos for the pool VT!  Now normally I don’t do reality freak fest TV; especially ones that are unkind to the, erm, big-boned, feeling instead they’re simply engaging in a severe case of fat-spoliation. However, any show with Katherine Lynch is bound to be good-humoured.

  You see, in the era of the plastic fantastic celebrities, I’ve a lot of time for the likes of Ms. Lynch, Brenda Donoghue, Karl Spain, Gerald Keane, (all of whose paths I’ve crossed during my work in TV; all of whom I’ve got oodles of time for because they’re all lovely people) and the stunning Elaine Crowley, who joined TV3 after I’d moved on to RTE – so we’ve never met. Elaine is simply gorgeous, and all of them could be construed as inspirational.

  However, while I suppose there’ll never be any shortage of people, high profile or otherwise, willing to appear on national TV to possibly ignite interest in their careers, but definitely in the name of losing weight, it kind of worries me that this highly marketable gimmick of publicly ‘fat shaming’ could prove more harmful to contestants than helpful.

  Having a problem with obesity is caused by a lifetime of poor eating habits, something that cannot be fixed overnight, nor can it be fixed in the full glare of public scrutiny…just sayin’. Either way, I wish all the lovely contestants the very best in their bid to get fit and stick to eating a healthy diet; and Katherine…lovin’ those kicks girl.

Next stop ‘Guiltsville!’

The days when a parent, usually a mother, had the luxury of staying home to raise the children are largely gone with today’s reality being that, in order to make ends meet, both parents have to work. So I was glad when family psychotherapist Joanna Fortune advised there was no definitive proof that kids who spend a lot of time in crèches suffer any adverse effects. 

  You see, last week when I read that a leaked report conducted by UCC hinted that some kids felt they were not being listened to, prompting a few to propose this may lead to ‘developmental problems’ in the future, it really annoyed me. Some so-called experts would be best served working as travel agents for guilt trips because what they’re doing is manipulating already concerned parents who’re an easy mark.

  I know, ‘cos I’ve been one of those mothers who regularly packed her bags, tipped her emotional cap and took the ride to ‘Guiltsville,’ hating myself for not being a stay-at-home nurturer. Perhaps it’s time we parents built up our emotional muscles and defanged those guilt-trippers for good!