Taking care of yourself during these difficult but hopeful times

With the vaccine on the horizon and some of the population already inoculated, we are beginning to see the new shoots of hope. But, we are also feeling the effects of the pandemic, so we need to mind ourselves both physically and mentally. So here are a few tips to help you get through this last stretch of Covid.


Energy levels

We need a nutritious diet, exercise, sufficient sleep and physical exercise to have optimum levels of energy to keep us going on this last stretch of the battle against Covid.


Body awareness and breathing

We need to listen to our body and recognise when it is telling us that our mind is feeling stressed. Are you experiencing tension or tightness in our shoulders upper back? Have you a headache or butterflies in your stomach? Our outer body and our inner selves are interconnected, so we need to check in every now and again, and take steps to relieve that tension with breath-work and relaxation before it builds up.



As the old saying goes, ‘count your blessings’. It’s so easy to forget how many things we have to be grateful for in our lives, but it is so important, as it creates positivity, which can balance out the negativity in our lives and improves our mood.



Laughter has been proven to create positivity and has been shown to improve our coping skills. So smile often, find things to laugh about with your friends or family on the phone, or maybe download a comedy. Laughter really is the best medicine in the current climate.



Drinking alcohol above the advised weekly limits is linked to much poorer outcomes for our mental health along with other various other health risk. Spread out your drinking over time during the week and stay away from binge drinking.



Create hope for a better future by doing something different, e.g. cooking, gardening, art, or music. You could also learn something new now that we may have more time to be with ourselves.


Feel good…

Do something to make you feel good or reconnect with something from your past that you have misplaced in your adult life. Play games, swing on the garden swing, dance, sing, have fun with your children or pets – whatever it is that makes you happy.


Brain exercise

Do something to exercise your brain, e.g. quizzes, bridge, crosswords or whatever stimulates your brain and keeps it active.


* If you are struggling or stuck, you need not be alone. We here at Connaught Counselling are open and here to help you. Just call Mary on 087 6596790 or Patricia on 086 8394323.