Take the Paisean Faisean challenge

Paisean Faisean returns for its fifth series this September on TG4. The show where the guys dress the girls – produced by the Galway-based Production Company Magma Films, has brought the challenge of using contemporary fashion, for the pursuit of love, to the men of Ireland. To help the contestants on their way is stunning presenter Bláthnaid Ní Dhonnchadha (from the ‘Síle’ show and ‘Féilte’ on TG4, and also a former Clare Rose). Each week three guys take on the challenge of choosing an outfit for a girl they’ve never met before in a bid to woo her. The results are hilarious as guys sweat trying to figure out the difference between a skirt and a dress in the hope of a romantic meal with the beautiful lady. The girl chooses her favourite outfit and the guy who goes with it, bringing together two of a girls favourite things – fashion and dating. Paisean Faisean will set out from Galway on June 16th and will then move down south to the Rebel County, before venturing further field nationwide, up until the end of August. The new series will begin broadcast on Monday the 22nd September at 10pm on TG4, so be sure to tune in. If you are interested in taking part or would like more information please contact Magma films on 091 569142 or email paiseanfaisean@magmaworld.com or paiseanfaisean@hotmail.com