Survey shows much work remains to be done

A survey carried out in advance of the publication of Roscommon’s Intercultural strategy shows that much work remains to be done in terms of integrating diverse cultures in the county. The survey found: 45 percent of those surveyed believed Roscommon society is racist 30 percent do not believe that different ethnic groups make a positive cultural contribution to Irish society 50 percent believe that ethnic groups are taking jobs that Irish people could have 60 percent believe that there are too many asylum seekers in Ireland 74 percent believe that Ireland should not allow unrestricted economic migration from within the EU 35 percent believe Travellers experience racism in Roscommon 50 percent believe Travellers make a negative contribution to Irish society 80 percent believe Travellers should have the same rights as the settled community 30 percent don’t believe nomadic culture should be preserved. The results from the Roscommon survey mirror the national picture in terms of prevailing attitudes. There are negative attitudes towards asylum seekers despite there being less than one hundred in the County.