Survey says childcare costs are low here

The cost of childcare in Co. Roscommon is the fifth lowest in the country, according to a survey carried out by the National Children’s Nurseries Association.    The average cost of chilcare in Co. Roscommon is €133 per week per child for full-time care in a pre-school creche.   Dublin is by far the dearest place in the country for childcare and prices in the capital range from €170 per week to a high of €222.    Outside the Capital, Galway is by far the dearest couty in the country with average prices at €208 per week. Offaly is second dearest at an average price of €198 per week with Wicklow and Meath coming in at the third and fourth dearest.   Cavan and North Tipperary are the cheapest in the country at an average of €120 per week each.   The survey also reveals that more than 70% of childcare staff earn less than €22,000 per year with the majority earning between €14,000 and €22,000 per year.