Survey: Hybrid working out of favour with Roscommon employers

New research reveals that enthusiasm for hybrid working has waned among Roscommon employers since the Government advised businesses to return to remote working.

The latest HR Barometer Report from consultants Adare Human Resource Management reveals that only one third of employers (32 per cent), excluding retail and wholesale sectors, believe hybrid working will benefit their organisation. This compares to over three quarters (76.8 per cent) in their March HR Barometer Report.

The survey also highlights the slow progress being made on addressing diversity and inclusion as well as the ongoing gender pay gap that persists in many workplaces.

Derek McKay, Managing Director, Adare Human Resource Management, warns that continued inaction on these matters could prove costly for employers in Roscommon as recruitment and talent acquisition, along with retention, remain businesses’ top priorities (67 per cent and 65 per cent) heading into 2022.

McKay states: “Our latest barometer highlights some significant HR challenges facing employers nationally, including in Roscommon into 2022. However, dealing with them in a timely manner could be of substantial benefit to organisations. Obviously, hybrid working won’t necessarily be a blanket decision for all employers as it suits certain roles and sectors more than others”.