Support local this Mother’s Day

After two years of restrictions, this Sunday is the first time since 2019 that Mother’s Day celebrations will be able to take place ‘in person’.

  Living under restrictions was an isolating experience for many families, and as such, this return to in-person celebrations is very much welcomed. Restrictions also posed big challenges for a lot of local businesses during the pandemic, so when planning how you’re going to celebrate this year, why not consider following some of our tips for how to support local this Mother’s Day.

 Support local florists

When trying to find a bouquet for Mother’s Day this year, stick to local florists. Not only are you bound to receive a beautiful bouquet, but you will be supporting a local business by doing so.

 Go for lunch/dinner locally

Celebrate Mother’s Day this year by treating your Mam to a meal in one of the many lovely restaurants in the local area. Going for a nice meal is always a winner, and now is the first time in three years that it’s possible to do so for Mother’s Day. You could also consider giving her a gift voucher so she can enjoy a meal on you at another time.

 Buy gifts locally

There are so many shops in the locality that offer brilliant gift options. Pop into some of the shops in the area, and you’ll be sure to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift in no time. You could also consider gifting tickets to a show/event taking place in the area.

 Check out local walkways

There is a huge range of beautiful walkways and hikes on our doorstep that would make for a lovely activity this Mother’s Day. Why not pack a picnic and go for a peaceful walk along one of these scenic walkways? Not only will you be getting a bit of fresh air and exercise, but you’ll also being making use out of our local trails.

  However you’re planning on celebrating Mother’s Day, be sure to look out for ways you can support local while doing so.