Summertime, and the livin’ is easy… but is it also safe and secure?


Now that beautiful Roscommon is in the full flush of summer, I can tell you there’s no better place to be on this earth when the sun shines with countless activities to keep even the most sullen, whiney, constantly complaining “I’m bored” kid entertained! 

  And so, as we’re all going to be getting oush and aboush more, we’ve put together our Top 12 practical tips on keeping your family and your home safe during the summer months.

1. When going on holidays or even heading off on a day trip, let your neighbours know so they can keep an eye on your property.

2. Stop posting pictures of yourself sitting at the airport departure terminal on Facebook – nobody (other than the burglars) cares if you’re heading foreign!

3. Keep boundary walls, fences and gates maintained and in good order to make it more difficult for burglars to target your home.

4. Store all bicycles, lawn mowers and other garden related valuables in a locked shed.

5. Use timer switches on indoor lamps and on outdoor lights when you’re out, even during the summer months.

6. Crowded areas such as parks, beaches and summer fairs, etc., all attract burglars, so watch your handbag, purse, wallet and mobile ‘phones, and do not leave valuables visible on the back seat of the car!

7. With regard to the heat, apply sunscreen regularly in accordance with the product’s instructions. Give kids plenty of drinks and offer hydrating snacks like fresh fruit and diced veggies. Very young babies should be kept out of direct sunlight at all times.

8. If heading off for a day’s ‘road trip’ in the car, please remember to never leave kiddies alone for any length of time. Temperatures inside the car will rise to dangerous levels very quickly on a hot day.

9. If going hiking or even camping, you’ll probably encounter insects so use a repellent.

10. Supervise your kids at all times when around water; i.e. lakes, rivers, the beach or while at the swimming pool…this means no texting, Googling, Facebooking or taking selfies!

11. Never eat food that’s been sitting out in the heat; it’s a recipe for stomach upsets or possibly more serious conditions like food poisoning. Buy a cool box or cool bag and plenty of cold packs and keep food fresh and stored at an appropriate temperature when eating on the go or when picnicking. 

12. Be prepared for minor emergencies and keep a stocked first aid kit in the car. I got an excellent one in a Roscommon town supermarket last week. If your child or any family member has asthma or allergies, for God’s sake, pack prescription meds and keep them handy. Pop into your chemist today for some sound advice regarding over the counter remedies.